onsdag den 9. juni 2010

BeautyBlog58-Summer plans

Hi my lovelies,

This will be a more random blog post about my upcoming summer plans, a bit of a haul and potential Summer shopping!

So I will be going to Rome, Italy and Seoul, South Korea. And I am tons exited about both places!

In Rome I want to hit the Sephora (my favorite make up store) at the big mall by the Roma Termini train station and Via Del Corsa shopping street. I want a new foundation - preferably MUFE Mat Velvet or HD. I've also been eyeing the NARS Sheer Matte. So I will have to go and check out what works best on my skin. Any suggestions?

I'm so exited about visiting Rome, since I've never been to Italy before. I'll be hitting the must-sees and get to work on a nice summer tan!

As soon as I return from Rome, I'll be travelling to Seoul, South Korea for two weeks. I will be travelling around the country a bit - I'm adopted from Korea - and I'll be staying several days in the capital city, Seoul. Other than sightseeing the beautiful sights and country side, I'll definitely do a bit of shopping. Seoul is known for their 24/7 shopping possibilities. I'll be staying in one of the main shopping areas: Myong-dong:) I'll also visit Dongdaemun. It has 26 shopping malls situated over 10 blocks, 30,000 speciality shops, and 50,000 manufacturers so I'm sure I'll find some nice things to bring back home:)

Of things I've been eyeing are the Laneige skin care series. A Korean brand, not sold in Denmark. It's a bit expensive but supposed to be amazing. Check out mungchungtoo's youtube video on the Laneige Renew skin care line.

Check out
I also want to buy some colored contacts. Check out my previous blog post on colored contacts, here.
Last but not least, Seoul has a Forever21 - a favorite store of mine, where I can get loads of stylish clothes at a low price. I'm hoping the Zara at the M-Plaza mall is also cheaper than in Denmark. I am looking for a nice tan colored trench coat, and I've seen a very Burberry like one in Zara.

I bought a couple of beauty related things lately.

I had a friend, thanks Heidi:), bring me home a bottle of my favorite YSL Perfume Parisienne and lip butter from Korres in Jasmin. I love them both!

Hope you're all enjoying your summer!

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(Photos: Sephora.com, bp.blogspot.com)