lørdag den 30. januar 2010

BeautyBlog31 - Dream a little dream of...

Hi my lovelies,

I've been seriously looking at the things, I've been wanting lately - also in accordance with my Project 10 Pan, so I've tried to be reasonable and only go for the things I really want and that are realistic!

Therefore my rather random wish list for the spring/summer of 2010 looks like this:

YSL Parisienne - I just have to have this amazing parfume. I got a small sample of it yesterday and it's SO me. I think I may be switching signature scent! More on that in a future blog post I promise.

iPhone - still my number one wish for this spring! I'm being a good girl and not spending money on anything at the moment:)

A signature jacket - everyone should get one this spring and if it's Chanel- inspired it's even better! And me being the girl I am, I absolutely love jackets - and blazers. Always have, always will!

MAC MSF Natural - I want to try this to see if it sets my foundation and keeps my skin matte and non- shiny throughout the day. Been using the NYC finishing powder, and thought of trying the MAC or MUFE one...but everyone loves the MSF naturals and I want that natural finish.

MAC Pink Swoon Blush - I want to try this blush because I need a signature blush. One I can always turn to - which will give me that healthy flushed look without being too pink since my cheeks are kind of reddish in several spots!

Lush Big Hair - everyone raves, I want to try!

Korres: Lipbutter in Jasmin - makeupbytiffanyd and others love this, and it looks so pretty and natural. I am an absolute sucker for lip products - especially lip balms! Think I bought my first Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Creme at the age of 17!

Watch - I am loving Michael Kors - and Omega and Rolex but those a bit expensive:)

Couch/Coffee table - I need a small couch and coffee table for my apartment. Been using my bed as couch/bed and it's getting old. I want to relax in a couch with pillows, a blanket and put my feet up on a small coffee table with flowers and books on it;) FYI: The above picture is NOT my apartment - I only wish it was;)


(photos: shoppingblog.com, makeupandbeautyblog.com, blog.phoneslimited.co.uk, decorpad.com, i.dailymail.co.uk, slimages.macys.com, salonskincare.co.uk and omiru.com)

BeautyBlog30 - Project 10 Pan Update

Hi my lovelies,

I've been dreaming of the things, I can get, once I finish P10P but there is still a bit of way to go. If you don't know what Project 10 Pan is, then check out my introductory blog on it right here!

So this is the status of my Project 10 Pan:

- Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion - Almost done!!
- Rimmel London Fix & Perfect Foundation Primer - Basically done!
- Revlon Color Stay Foundation in 350 Rich Tan - Using the last over the next couple of days!
- Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Creme - still a bit left!
- Too Faced Shadow Insurance - I think it is endles...sigh!
- Cover Girl Last Blast Mascara - this is also kinda slow!!
- NYX Round Lipgloss in Honey - been using a lot of others, so not doing so well here.
- NYX Round Lipgloss in Whipped - getting used less than Real Nude.. so...
- MAC Studio Sculpt in NW25 - seems it's as full as before....hmmmm, I used it daily and I do have loads of things to cover up, so I will get there...eventually.
- Cover Girl Eye Enhancer Eyeshadow in Champagne -I seriously think this will outlast me!

So I actually finished something else:

- Clinique Repair Wair Intense Liptreatment! Woooooot!

Basically, I'm almost half through!;)


fredag den 29. januar 2010

BeautyBlog29 - January 2010 Favorites

Hi all my lovelies,

January is almost over and this morning I felt like rounding up my January favorites for you! So here they are:

An old favorite of mine has returned to my everyday make-up routine. It's the Cover Girl Professional Eye Enhancers One Kit Shadow in Champagne. I use it a lot in the tear duct area of my eye to brighten up my entire look.

I've been into very neutral looks for most of January and for my lips, I've really been loving MAC's Viva Glam V lipstick. It's a lustre formular, which means it's more of a sheen of color rather than a full coverage lipstick. I've been using it a lot with NYX round lip gloss in either Whipped or Real Nude. Also every cent of the selling price of my Viva Glam Lipstick is donated to the M·A·C AIDS Fund to support men, women, and children living with HIV and AIDS.

Everyday after I apply my foundation before I begin doing the rest of my make up, I apply Carmex to my lips to prep them for lipstick/gloss application. I simply love Carmex! Especially, the cherry flavored one!

My January have been busy and has not allowed me a lot of time for make up in the morning. So I've come up with this combo to cut down on the steps for my cheek/contouring part. And I've come to love the two products I've been using instead of blush:

My ELF Warm Bronzer has four different colors, which are great all swirled together to give a shimmery finish. However, I only use the blush toned one lightly as a blush and the lightest color as a highlighter on the top of my cheekbones.

Underneath the ELF warm bronzer, I've been using the NYC bronzing face powder in Sunny. I sweep it across my cheekbones for definition and across my temples for sculpting. Takes my 20 seconds and the the ELF on top and I'm done with cheeks and contouring!

I've been loving Lush as you all know and almost every day in January I've been using these two products:

Rock Star Soap - it's so sweet and leaves me smelling like bubble gum and sweet candy for hours! I love the smell of it, and it's to the point where I don't feel right, if the bathroom does not smell like Rock Star:)

In the shower, I am obsessed with Sweetie Pie Shower Jelly. The fresh fruity scent and softest best smelling lather makes every shower I take luxurious. I mean every girl needs a bit of pampering, right!

At night, it's not enought to just wash your face to get rid of your make up. You have to remove your make up - eye and face before you wash. I use my favorite Matas eye make up remover for water proof mascara to remove my eye make up. It's the only one that does the trick, since I use quite a bit of Cover Girl Last Blast Mascara - and it's pretty much stuck to my lashes! Afterwards, I use my new favorite in expensive Huggies Pure Baby wipes to take of the remaining make up, foundation, blush, etc.

So these were my favorites for the month of January 2010!


(photos: amazon.com, americanrx.com, redbookmag.com, mycarmex.com, lollipop26writes.com, 3.bp.blogspot.com, sklepy-baby.pl)

søndag den 24. januar 2010

BeautyBlog28 - SAG Fashion Wrap 2010

Hi my lovelies,

Friday, the celebrities manned the phones during the Hope for Haiti charity concerts in NYC, London and L.A.

Saturday night it was back to business - or at least movie business - when they walked down the Red Carpet at the SAG Awards after a successful almost 60 million dollars Hope for Haiti night.

Inside Sandra Bullock won over Meryl Streep - at the star studded event where the stars vote for each other.

My pick for the five best dressed at the SAG 2010:

1) Kate Hudson: When she nails it fashion-wise, you think that she could never do anything wrong. Unlike her too harsh and sculpted Golden Globe dress, this backless Emilio Pucci gown could even dub for a very fab and fashion forward down the aile dress. Absolutely loved it.

2) Christina Applegate: Occationally, she looks rather dress-up-doll-like but last night she looked absolutely stunning in this flowy gray with light green undertones Roberto Cavalli gown. The jewelry and hair made the look flawless and very old hollywood'esk!

3) Lea Michele: The red carpet newcomer –and a personal favorite of mine from the Globes, looks like she's been in the business for ages judging by her perfect emerald green Malandrino gown.

4) Kyra Sedgwick: Her ivory Vera Wang fishtail gown makes this Hollywood starlet shine like royalty. It looks effortless and simply red carpet.

5) Tina Fey: This time around she got it right! The 30 Rock Star got it right in a purple satin Ferragamo sheath and sparkling Christian Louboutin pumps! The answer - Keep it simple! And go for blue dresses! And Leboutins!

What do you think?


(photos: fabsugar.com)

fredag den 22. januar 2010

BeautyBlog27 - £25.000 Shopping Spree, Anyone?

Hi lovelies,

I have to tell you about this wonderful and unbelievable contest on net-a-porter.com!

Celebrating their number one million order they are now giving away a whopping £25.000 Shopping Spree!

All you have to do to enter the contest is sign up here and who knows if you'll be the one shopping Christian Leboutin stilettos, Philip Lim or Alexander Wang when the contest is up in three weeks! You can enter from January 21st 2010!

How would you like to show off these Leboutin babies next time you go out?

Or throw on this gorgeous Temperley London Ava studded leather jacket?

Or flash this Mulberry Bayswater when going out shopping?

Happy contesting and may the best woman (me;) win!


(Photos: net-a-porter.com)

torsdag den 21. januar 2010

BeautyBlog26 - Jimmy Choo 24/7

Hi my lovelies,

As we warm up for the premiere of Sex and the City 2 hitting theaters across the world in May, I got to thinking of why I loved and love the show so much. Obviously there are the gorgeous men and the amazing women but one of the things I love most about Sex and the City is of course the shoes! Carrie's endless walk in closet and her to die for shoe collection are both part of the huge success of the show if you ask me!

Now all of Jimmy Choo's most favorite hits are hitting the store this spring in a superstar collection: Jimmy Choo 24:7.

According to VougeDaily, the line is "both wide-ranging (styles from platforms to stilettos to pumps) and so tightly edited you’ll never get sick of a single silhouette—even the ones with flourishes like gold zippers and champagne-hued patent leather. These wear-around-the-clock beauties that have been launched alongside the spring/summer collection and are all but guaranteed to fly off shelves."

Here are my five picks for the best of the very best of dear Jimmy Choo - again you'll see my love for the black classic stiletto...

I am in love with each of these 300+ dollar shoes! And I bet you are too!


(photos: jimmychoo.com)

onsdag den 20. januar 2010

BeautyBlog25 - Kelly Ripa could so easily be my BFF!

Hi lovelies,

You know how you see famous people and think he or she could actually be your friend in real life?

Well, I'm sure I could be Kelly Ripa's BFF!

Who is Kelly Ripa, you might ask? Well, she use to be a star on All my children, where for 12 years, she played Hayley Vaughan Santos - now she is the co-host of the 'Live with Regis and Kelly' morning show on ABC. More recently, she had her own tv-show: Hope & Faith.

I began watching the Live with Regis and Kelly morning show, when I lived in the U.S. back in 2008. I would catch the host chats on their website, since I had to go into work in the morning and if they had an interesting guest, I'd find the clip on YouTube. But what I really liked about the show was how funny and real Kelly seemed to be. And she likes to dance! And walk the make believe runway in her high, high heels! And she has amazing style! And she like me is - yes I'll say it: small chested and proud of it! And she knows how to make fun of herself. And she's a great mother and role model - AND then there's that gorgeous husband of hers, Mark Conselous - former co-star on All my children - they dated and married several times on the show before they fell in love and married in real life. He is a real piece of man-candy:)

In fact, I think one the reasons I like her so much is that catwalk thing! One of my girlfriends loves to do the same thing! Just for fun of course but never the less, she's just as amazing as Kelly Ripa.

You can meet Kelly here:

Kelly Ripa - Starring on Melrose Place? Mistaken identity!

Miss J Alexander teaches Kelly Ripa to model walk

Kelly Ripa - How to Run in Heels

Kelly Ripa Wears a Candy Bra

Ain't she great?


(Photos: kellyripafan.com)

mandag den 18. januar 2010

BeautyBlog24 - Golden Globes Fashion Wrap 2010

Hi my lovelies,

Last night the stars shined on the red carpet at the 67th annual Golden Globes! I was thrilled to see Meryl Streep break the all time nomination/awards record, when she took home the globe for best actress in a comedy - Julie and Julia. Her speech was classic Meryl:

"I just wanna say that I, in my long career, played so many extraordinary women that basically I’m getting mistaken for one. No really, I’m very clear about the fact that I’m the vessel for other people’s stories and other women’s lifes. And this year I got to play, not only one of the most beloved women in America, Julia Child, but I also got to secretly pay homage to my own personal, not so famous, hero. That’s my mother, who shared – who’s of the same generation as Julia – who shared her verve. Lot of the people in this room knew my mother and knew that she had a real joy in living and she just had no patience for gloom and doom. I’m not like that (laughter). I come to Golden Globes weekend. And I am really honestly conflicted how to have my happy movie self in the face of everything in that I’m aware of, in the real world. And I wanna say that that’s when I have my mother’s voice coming to me, saying ‘Partners in Health. Shoot some money to Partners in Health. Put the dress on. Put on a smile and be damn grateful that you have the dollars to help, and the next day, and the next day, and the next day’. I am really grateful. I am really grateful. So thank you!" - from SimplyStreep.com

But onto what this blog is really about - the amazing dresses exhibited on the rain stricken Red Carpet last night! In the light of the recent earth quake a lot of stars wore blue, red and yellow ribbons on their clothing. And black was once again back on the carpet! I picked my favorite and my least favorite for you to take a look at! Let me know what you think!

Here is my top 10 best dressed (pink/nudes, purples and black):

1) Maggie Gyllenhaal: Looking absolutely stunning in a perfectly sculpted peachy pink dress from RM by Roland Mouret. Her style is always interesting and to me sometimes slightly off but this was a perfect 10!

2) Emily Blunt: Of all the pink and pale nude colors on the Red Carpet one of the finest versions is this strapless chiffon Dolce & Gabbana. She looks great! Effortless glamor and although her hair suits the dress I would have like it pulled back into a soft hair do!

3) Penelope Cruz: Shined in a Giorgio Armani Prive lace gown with horizontal ribbon striping and 69 carats of Chopard diamonds. She always kills on the red carpet! And I absolutely loved this dress on her!

4) Rose Byrne: One of the hottest trends on the red carpet was purple, and Ms. Byrnes showed it off, oh so very well in a Lanvin gown, with Stephen Russell brooches added for extra pop. Loved the old Hollywood glam approach!

5) Sandra Bullock - I have to admit that I am not the biggest fan of the dress itself - especially the material - but the woman inside is great! And this year could be her year! Winning the second award in a week for she looked better than ever, when she stepped onto the red carpet in this strapless gown by Bottega Veneta. I have yet to see The blind side but her performance in The Proposal was greater than great! (Although not great enough to beat 2 x Meryl).

6) Elisabetta Canalis: The face of Roberto Cavalli lingerie, wore a pale pink custom gown with sexy cutouts and plunging neckline by the designer. Everything I would expect the girlfriend of Mr. Clooney to show up in at an award show - it takes quite the dress to impress when you're competing with the most wanted man on the planet:) A side note: I could see Jennifer Aniston working it in this dress as well!

7) Lea Michele: She may be a newbie to the award show universe but on the red carpet she was strictly A-list last night. Looking gorgeous in this Oscar de la Renta couture dress.

8) Zoe Saldana: This girl looks amazing! And stepping onto the Red Carpet in this ruffled maroon dress by Louis Vuitton only made it better! The layered texture and wonderful color made a bold statement in midsts of all the black, purple and pink.

9) Courtney Cox: This amazing looking cougar (star of Cougar Town) is just pure perfection in this black figure hugging creation by Victoria Beckham! I couldn't find a better picture - sorry! And the rain is also in the shot! However, Courtney looks amazing! Her hair and jewllery perfectly matched the dress! Still A-list all the way!

10) Jennifer Aniston - because I too want to be able to pull off that slit and that body when I'm in my 40s! She looks amazing in this Valentino dress slit to the thigh - even though some may say it's just another black dress. But hey - I love black dresses!

Honorable mentions:

1) Amy Adams: Expecting her first child later this year, this confident dresser appeared more beautiful and glowing than ever!
Wearing a custom-made Carolina Herrera forest green silk faille dress with a brooch from Herrara’s personal collection, she showed us all how to bring that old Hollywood glamour to the table even when there's a baby on board!

2) Kate Winslet: Last year's it-girl in movies showed off her great figure in this classy Yves Saint Laurent dress. Jewelry and styling also looked amazing - this girl has class! The reason she did not make it to the top ten it reminded me a bit too much of her Academy Award dress from 2009 - which I adored but the style is a bit too similar.

3) Toni Collette: A golden as the Golden Globe she won for Best Actress in a TV series Ms. Collette, who I've been loving more and more (I admit it - she won me over in the sweet "In her shoes") looked great in her sparkly Elie Saab dress. She is often a hit or miss with me on the red carpet, but more recently the hits have outweighed the misses - so go Toni - enjoy the praise - you surely deserve it!

And then onto the worst:

1) Julia Roberts: As a nominee it's okay to dress up! I actually expect them too! So showing up in this nice but tame - I'm going out for a lunch date or a nice dinner just doesn't cut it! I mean: Julia crank it up a notch will ya!

2) Tina Fey: Sorry to say but yet again Tina Fey shows that her talents are not in the fashion department - not that it matters because we love her anyway and 30 Rock is the funniest thing ever - but this Zac Posen dress does her no justice! She should have gone with a dark midnight blue off the shoulder floor length dress. It would have looked like a million dollars! The white and black snake print ending just above her ankles was just unflattering! Also, the umbrella makes her kinda Mary Poppins!

3) Heidi Klum: She walked the Victoria Secret Fashion Show runway only months after her fourth baby was born and she looked just amazing! I mean who does that other than Heidi Klum. Well, her Roberto Cavalli dress last night reminded me of a cheap Barbie dress. Sorry to say so but Auf Wiedersehen, Ms. Klum.

4) Julianne Moore: When she picks the right dress, she is one of the most stunning women on the red carpet for sure. But last night she more than failed the test in an ill-fitting unflattering Balenciaga gown. However, her stunning Bulgari jewels — yellow and white gold earrings were a strong plus in an otherwise bland outfit!


(photos: justjared.buzznet.com and thehothits.com)