fredag den 22. januar 2010

BeautyBlog27 - £25.000 Shopping Spree, Anyone?

Hi lovelies,

I have to tell you about this wonderful and unbelievable contest on!

Celebrating their number one million order they are now giving away a whopping £25.000 Shopping Spree!

All you have to do to enter the contest is sign up here and who knows if you'll be the one shopping Christian Leboutin stilettos, Philip Lim or Alexander Wang when the contest is up in three weeks! You can enter from January 21st 2010!

How would you like to show off these Leboutin babies next time you go out?

Or throw on this gorgeous Temperley London Ava studded leather jacket?

Or flash this Mulberry Bayswater when going out shopping?

Happy contesting and may the best woman (me;) win!



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