torsdag den 7. januar 2010

BeautyBlog1 - DAY 1!

It's been almost two years since I on a rainy boring night typed in the words: make up + how to on YouTube. Every since I've been hooked. The very first video I saw and the first person I subscribed to was xteeener. Soon after followed gurus like fafinettex3, lollipop26, panacea81,allthatglitters, MakeupByTiffanyD, ahanhbarbie34, bubzbeauty, xsparkage, emilynoel83, MichellePhan,msdebramaye, DulceCandy87, juicystar07 and many many more.

Then I found and instantly fell in love with kandeejohnson's videos. Not only have a learned tons about applying the right shadow in the crease and contouring to perfection. I've also gotten an insight in to all these amazing girls life and most of all make up collections!

More recently, I've added great girls like xFLYNNIEx, ChanelBlueSatin, CeciCouture, hollyannaeree, JLovesMac1,julieg713, MakeupByRenRen, michele1218, pixiwoo, SushiRockStar, TheBubbleGumPrincess, TheStyleDiet and the great TheVonda83.

For close to two years these girls have inspired me and shown me how to really wear make up. I guess I thought I had it down before YouTube. A bit of shadow here, a bit of blush there and a dab of lipgloss...boy was I wrong;)

Luckily there are people out there in the world, who are ready to tell you how-to and what not to;) Also, it's been very nice to see gurus like Kandee Johnson and Michele1218 speak their mind and inspire on other levels as well.

But venturing out into the YouTube make up guru world also required a quite extensive expansion of my beauty vocabulary. Words like haul (when someone shows you their recent beauty buys), abbreviations like FOTD & OOTD have become common knowledge to me by now. By the way FOTD stands for Face of the day and OOTD stands for Outfit of the day.

Not only have I started subbing to the best of the best out there on YouTube I've also become quite addicted to the many beauty related blogs out there! If you're looking for a girl with very elaborate and confident sense of style check out DulceCandy87's blog. Returning from Iraq and the military in the beginning of 2008, DulceCandy87 began posting videos on YouTube showing her many many hauls and make up tutorials. Now in college - studying fashion - her blog is constantly updated with OOTD and pictures of her recent buys.

So, this was it for my first ever beautyblog!

TTYL - msbeautyblogger!

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