lørdag den 30. januar 2010

BeautyBlog31 - Dream a little dream of...

Hi my lovelies,

I've been seriously looking at the things, I've been wanting lately - also in accordance with my Project 10 Pan, so I've tried to be reasonable and only go for the things I really want and that are realistic!

Therefore my rather random wish list for the spring/summer of 2010 looks like this:

YSL Parisienne - I just have to have this amazing parfume. I got a small sample of it yesterday and it's SO me. I think I may be switching signature scent! More on that in a future blog post I promise.

iPhone - still my number one wish for this spring! I'm being a good girl and not spending money on anything at the moment:)

A signature jacket - everyone should get one this spring and if it's Chanel- inspired it's even better! And me being the girl I am, I absolutely love jackets - and blazers. Always have, always will!

MAC MSF Natural - I want to try this to see if it sets my foundation and keeps my skin matte and non- shiny throughout the day. Been using the NYC finishing powder, and thought of trying the MAC or MUFE one...but everyone loves the MSF naturals and I want that natural finish.

MAC Pink Swoon Blush - I want to try this blush because I need a signature blush. One I can always turn to - which will give me that healthy flushed look without being too pink since my cheeks are kind of reddish in several spots!

Lush Big Hair - everyone raves, I want to try!

Korres: Lipbutter in Jasmin - makeupbytiffanyd and others love this, and it looks so pretty and natural. I am an absolute sucker for lip products - especially lip balms! Think I bought my first Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Creme at the age of 17!

Watch - I am loving Michael Kors - and Omega and Rolex but those a bit expensive:)

Couch/Coffee table - I need a small couch and coffee table for my apartment. Been using my bed as couch/bed and it's getting old. I want to relax in a couch with pillows, a blanket and put my feet up on a small coffee table with flowers and books on it;) FYI: The above picture is NOT my apartment - I only wish it was;)


(photos: shoppingblog.com, makeupandbeautyblog.com, blog.phoneslimited.co.uk, decorpad.com, i.dailymail.co.uk, slimages.macys.com, salonskincare.co.uk and omiru.com)

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