torsdag den 7. januar 2010

BeautyBlog4 - My current wish list

Dreaming of these beauty-buys:


-e/s All that glitters (as shown above) + All Races, Banshee and Showstopper- from newest MAC collection All Ages, All races - see more on MACcosmetics

-Pink Swoon Blush

-Mineralized Skin Finish Natural Medium Dark - This will probably be my next buy - my best friend gave me a gift card for Christmas so I'm headed to the MAC store as soon as I finish my Project 10 Pan - more to come on this new project of mine!

-MSF (Mineralized Skin Finish) in Refined - I think it was limited if you've got an extra laying around...!!


-Korres: Lipbutter in Jasmin

-YSL: Rouge Volupte no. 1,2,3,4 and 7! Hmmmm at 34 dollars a piece I may have to keep dreaming;) But been watching Lollipop26 and she really makes me want to try them out!

-malin + goetz lipbalm - supposed to be the best for chapped lips (mine are crazy chapped during the winter) recommended by a new favorite guru of mine TheVonda83

-Big Hair or/and I love Juicy shampoos from Lush.

What are you dreaming of?


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