mandag den 29. marts 2010

BeautyBlog50-Perfect Nails

Hi my lovelies,

I love perfectly done nails. There's nothing worse than cracked nails if you ask me. I used to bite my nails. Gross, I know but ever since I stopped I've appreciated the way nails look when they're polished and nice!

I also admire other women's nails - a lot! I think it stems from the time I used to bite and wish I had pretty hands like everyone else.

When I was a little girl, my grandfather promised me a dolly if I stopped biting my nails. I tried and kind of succeeded. He was kind enough to ignore the times I failed and bought me a dolly and a shower station to pamper the dolly in. However, I still hadn't fully stopped but I soon became determined to do just so - and I finally did. Sometime around the time I was 15.

Ever since, I've loved having my nails done up nicely. I love nail polishes. Like my clothes I go for the natural shades. I never wear black, blue or even red. I prefer pinks. I had my first professional manicure back in 2008. Loved it but somehow felt like it was money I'd rather spend on clothes and a nice dinner. AND I like doing my own nails. My own little spa time;)

Today I was given a nail polish. My favorite nail polish brand is Chanel. Ballerina has been my go to staple for years. The one I got today was Rose Satin.

I love me some Chanel!




lørdag den 27. marts 2010

BeautyBlog49-Styling my summer looks;)

Hi my lovelies,

I'm trying to stay calm and relaxed but it's hard....I have a wedding to go to in three months and I have no idea what to wear...well, I'm assuming a dress but which one?

I've been toying around with all sorts of'll be able to follow my quest for the right dress (sounding suspiciously like the bride instead of just another guest in the wedding party - but wedding are a big deal;)

Today I found this great thing on H& - the style it yourself guide that allows you to style look using their clothes and the trends for spring summer. I love it - and although my final outfit may not be from H&M - well probably not - I had loads of fun putting together looks today.

These are five of the looks I put together using the H&M Fashion Studio!

Hope you like them!



torsdag den 25. marts 2010

BeautyBlog48-I HEART fur!

Hi my lovelies,

I wanted to share with you my love of fur!

I know that there are people out there including several of my friends, who do not like real fur - I respect and accept them, so I hope you'll do the same for me. I grew up around fur production as well, so I may have a different take on how fur comes to exist.

So today I went to Kopenhagen Fur International Show 2010 and I loved it as always. The high light of the International Show is the fashion show. See the video here. The fashion show this year was one of the best ever. Especially, because it was so cutting edge as opposed to previous years, where it was often a bit too traditional with just one long coat after another. This year the director of Style Counsel and a big love of mine Uffe Buchard had put together a great show that really broadcast all the new ways in which fur is being used by designers in new ways all around the world.

I will try and post pictures ASAP - waiting for really good ones from the website otherwise, I'll upload my iPhone shots.

In the mean time check out COPENHAGEN FASHION WEEK OPENING SHOW BY KOPENHAGEN FUR video here, which features a lot of the things I saw today!

A little extra info for all of you fashion fur loving people out there:

Fur is really big in fashion this year, and the fur on the April auction may break all previous records. According to the website of Kopenhagen Fur, the Danish fur industry sells close to 18 million skins each year and Kopenhagen Fur is thereby the world’s largest fur auction house and the leading provider of luxury fur. Also Kopenhagen Fur has a turnover of 5 billion Danish kroner (880 million USD) per year and Fur skins are Denmark’s largest export commodity to the booming economy in Hong Kong/China.

Winter 2010/11 will be soooo big when it comes to fur. What I love most about the new designs are the way designers have taken to using fur. Not just the Dynasty Alexis Carrington way- although I loved the 80s glam as well.

No less than 54 out of the 70 designers in the last NYC fashion week showcased collections included fur - on hats, collars, dresses, boots, purses, etc. As The New York magazine wrote: "It's a fur day, it's a fur week... A season of lots of furs and skins." - (

Let me show you a bit of what the international fashion designers gave us to dream about during fashion week:

So I hope you see all the loveliness I see when it comes to fur!

Also - please leave a comment! I'd SOOOOO love to know that someone is actually reading my blog. I get comments from people on Facebook etc. saying they want to but don't feel like they have anything to say about fashion or make up - doesn't matter. Just knowing you're out there reading will make my day!




søndag den 21. marts 2010

BeautyBlog47-12 ways to look slimmer

Hi my lovelies,

Been celebrating turning a year older for days now, and my Sunday has been spent relaxing in bed, on the couch and in front of my computer.

This article caught my eye today. We all want to look great, buff and slender. These twelve tips from a favorite of mine InStyle magazine helps you part of the way!

I mean, who does not want to look like this?



tirsdag den 16. marts 2010

BeautyBlog46-The 20 Essential Accessories

Hi my lovelies,

So tonight's post is a short one....I just wanted you to go check out Rachel Zoe's 20 essential accessories like the Oversized sunglasses!

Love them! What I love is the effortless timeless style they all bring to the table! Classic is always a winner.

Having just seen 'The September Issue' tonight, which features the making of the Vogue 2008 September Issue and the real Devil, who may or may not wear Prada Anna Wintour, I'm convinced a classic look is always a winner!

Remember this is women, who haven't changed her hair and possibly style since she was like 15! And she rules the fashion world...

Well, go check out RZ's picks and have a wonderful week!


(photos: and

søndag den 14. marts 2010

BeautyBlog45-Blaze away...

hi my lovelies,

So my best friend came to visit for the weekend. we had the best time, it was very girly. We talked, laughed, watched our favorite show Lipstick Jungle - ALL of Season 2! - went shopping, out for dinner, drinks and brunch...perfect weekend!

At H&M it was 100 (20 dollars) off all blazers and jackets....heaven...I got three! A pair of boots and little something else (more on that soon)

I love blazer and wear my black one a looooot. It got a men's blazer for spring and summer but have not worn it that's a bit too big...hmmm I got the smallest size (34) and maybe it's just that I'm not the girl with the biggest boobs (aka - very small!) but it just doesn't fit...I may have to sell it!

However, I got three new blazer and went for colors this time! (So proud of myself)

First a very pretty light silver blue with the cutest neck line. It especially looks great with black and white.

I also got this 80s inspired grey thick fabric blazer and it fits me like a glove! Will be grey for a spring night!

This last one is a dark tuscany colored blazer, I just love the tailored look. I just had to get it as my third one! It looks darker in the picture - it's lighter and in a perfect crisp material!

Then I got these 30% of (280 DKR - 55 dollars) boots, they go all the way to my thigh! Love them! Looks great with dark jeans! I can't wait to wear with a white shirt for a night out. Wore with jeans, a knit black sweater (still cold and I'm getting over a cold myself) and the light silver blue blazer for brunch today!

So what did you guys buy lately?

Feel free to leave comments, it would actually make me SOOO happy!;)


torsdag den 11. marts 2010

BeautyBlog44-Rachel Zoe makes me D I E:)

Hi my lovelies,

I've been watching a new show lately - well, it's not exactly new but I just got into it a month ago. It's the Rachel Zoe Project following stylist for the absolute A-listers Rachel Zoe.

Rachel has worked with everyone worth mentioning: Lindsay Lohan, Mischa Barton, Nicole Richie, and Keira Knightley. Zoe's current client list includes Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Garner, Kate Hudson, Kate Beckinsale, Debra Messing, Demi Moore, Joy Bryant, Molly Sims, Eva Mendes, and Anne Hathaway.

She was the stylist behind one of the best dressed on the Red Carpet on Oscar night: Demi Moore, who looked fantabulous in her a strapless Atelier Versace:

Another win was when Rachel dressed a favorite of mine Debra Messing for the 2008 SAG Awards.

I know Rachel Zoe is a lot of surface and possible less substance...but I don't care - she's still fab!

I love her and her assistant Brad "I worked a year for Vogue" to get this job and I fiercely dislike her other assistant Taylor, what a B!

My b-day is coming up and if I could just wish for one beauty related Rachel Zoe thing it would be her best selling book Style A to Zoe!

So go check out her show and if you get the chance invest in her guide to being gorgeous! ;)


(photos: justjared, peeptoe.verbsite)

mandag den 8. marts 2010

BeautyBlog43- Best dressed list Oscar 2010

Hi my lovelies,

I've had time to mull over the many beautiful gowns from last night's Oscars! There were some show stoppers and some no no's!

Here are my top 10 best dressed and top 5 worst dressed lists:

TOP 10 - Bringin' it to the Red Carpet A-list-style

1) Sandra Bullock looked just radiant in a Marchesa silver beaded column gown with embroidered illusion bodice. She also looked soooo thin! But I guess it's that's what a best actress nomination does to you! On the red carpet, I felt like the lipstick was not the right color but during the show and her acceptance speech it was just perfection - right down to her hair and thank you speech!

2) Maggie Gyllenhall shows she's a true A-lister in this beautiful Dries Van Noten gown with a swirl of bright blue colors that fades into white! Her style is never over the top, it's just right! She is just so elegant and it seems so effortless! A+ for that performance!

3) - Zoe Saldana's Givenchy dress took me a while to get used to but in this picture she looks absolutely stunning. The gorgous paired a sequined bodice with a explosion of shades of purple on the bottom. I don't like the slit in the middle but it looks absolutely amazing when she is not trying to walk down the stairs on stage! The thing about her is that she is THE most beautiful -. in my opinion - star on any red carpet. Just look at that face and posture! WOW!

4) Anna Kendrick did not take any chances in this light pink mousseline hand draped Elie Saab Haute Couture with a cap sleeve, delicate applique at the bust and a slit line with Chantilly lace. She went with what she knew would fit her skin tone, her body all combined in the draped and lingerie trend. And she does it so well!

5) Demi Moore's entrance on the red carpet...In the words of Demi's stylist Rachel Zoe: I die! She killed it last night. Her Atelier Versace strapless silk organza blush tone gown with a full tiered skirt and a rose detail made her look both glamours and modern! I did not like the clutch and was kind of so so on her hair but other than that: I die!

6) Penelope Cruz could have been a bit more bold than her classy Donna Karan Couture but the color looks incredible on her and she for one can wear the heavy layered train and strong top! Her hair was bit more messy and laid back than the traditional sleek look I love on her but she still brings out all the Hollywood glamour when she works the red carpet like the A-pro she is!

7) Rachel McAdams made me sit up and take notice last night. Her Elie Saab Haute Couture strapless gown made with panels of organza and mousseline with a sweetheart neckline and hand pleated bodice in a romantic print containing shades of pinks, blues and greens was one of the most exquisite dresses last night. She looked so beautiful!

8) Elizabeth Banks looks dazzling in a Versace gown. The grey dress with a tight sculpted top fills out the dress giving her the vivacious look as it flows down the past her feet. She looked amazing and it was nice to see something besides nudes, blues and golden tones!

9) Miley Cyrus impressed on the red carpet in this champagne colored Jenny Packham gown. It fit her perfectly! When you're just 17! it's about keeping it simple and not too old for your age! She does it effortlessly here! Although standing up straight and pulling back those shoulders wouldn't hurt!

10) Vera Farmiga actually looked stunning in her Marquesa dress. The ruffles and lots of asymmetrical flow suited her body but her hair was too messy and her make up could have been better! Still the dress worked even though it was very Nicole Kidman but I guess it was eventually free since Kidman was a no show last night!

Runners up:

- Kate Winslet looked radiant in a stunning strapless Yves Saint Laurent creation. The dress itself was actually only so so but she worked it with a $2.5 million yellow diamond necklace by Tiffany & Co.! She is so old glam it's ridiculous! Gone are the dreadful days of Titanic and instead is a beautiful woman!

- Anika Noni Rose looks absolutely stunning in this pale golden dress with sprinkled in golden beading. Like a princess! The star of The Princess and the Frog sparkled on the red carpet! I couldn't find the designer!

- Carey Mulligan looked very pretty in her Prada black strapless dress with a voluminous skirt and train in “Raso Doppio Tec” – a unique material made of silk and for a modern look. I did not care so much for the train but it was very 1950s! The top was to die for and her boyish hairstyle works for her!


1) Sarah Jessica Parker...sorry - the make up and hair was some of the best but the dress is not Oscar worthy! It was couture - Chanel Couture - and very easter egg if you ask me! It's often either hit or miss with Mrs. Broderick if you ask me! To be fair it looks better in real life than on these pictures. But still!

2) Suzy Amis. O M G. She looks just terrible, way older than she is, her hair terrible (did they color it gray or is she just getting that old? late 40s I mean that it just not good!) and her dress just a misfit! She looks old and way too thin! Please cover up! The dress was made by 21 year old Michigan State University student Jillian Granz.

3) Nicole Richie - excuse me or did she just call up JLO and ask to borrow a dress? The Reem Acra gown is way too glitzy glam! I do however like her hair and make up, she looks a more grown up but here's my question: what is she doing at the Academy Awards in the first place?

4) Molly Ringwald - Molly, Molly, Molly...purple is great in red heads but this somehow comes off Star Trek - jewelry and hair is just a misfit and the dress also seem a bit odd in the fit. Don't have the designer name!

5) Jennifer Lopez showed why she is still a diva. The futuristic, tiered and bunched Armani Prive dress weighs her down - she actually looks a lot thinner than usual but this dress makes her look bulky and it's just too much. Very Beyoncé in the bad way! It did however look pretty good on stage!

That's it for now! Please share your thoughts w me in the comment section!


(photos: justjared, zimbo)