lørdag den 27. marts 2010

BeautyBlog49-Styling my summer looks;)

Hi my lovelies,

I'm trying to stay calm and relaxed but it's hard....I have a wedding to go to in three months and I have no idea what to wear...well, I'm assuming a dress but which one?

I've been toying around with all sorts of ideas...you'll be able to follow my quest for the right dress (sounding suspiciously like the bride instead of just another guest in the wedding party - but wedding are a big deal;)

Today I found this great thing on H&M.com - the style it yourself guide that allows you to style look using their clothes and the trends for spring summer. I love it - and although my final outfit may not be from H&M - well probably not - I had loads of fun putting together looks today.

These are five of the looks I put together using the H&M Fashion Studio!

Hope you like them!



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