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BeautyBlog42 - Live blogging Oscar Red Carpet

Hi my lovelies,

So far, I've had a quick look at the first arrivals, including something that will go on my best dressed and worst dressed list so far!


- Anna Kendrick looking lovely in a very light pink flush toned draped dress from Elie Saab Haute Couture

- Demi Moore's dress - credit Rachel Zoe - shoots her into the A-list group this year! The lovely pale nude color suits her perfectly and the layered bottom with a draped top is just perfection!

- Maggie Gyllenhall shows she's a true A-lister in this beautiful blue dress - so classy Hollywood.

- Penelope Cruz - a bit more traditional but still all out Hollywood glamour, she works the Red Carpet like the A-pro she is!

- Luciana Damon - Matt Damon's wife - looked perfect and lovely in her pale pink dress - the baby bump was concealed but not hidden. The perfect way to do baby bump and Red Carpet. Thumbs up!

Verdict still out:

- Rachel McAdams looks floral and so pretty in her very Spring-like dress!

- Sandra Bullock looks amazing, and so very thin! the lipstick is wrong, her sleek hair is kind of working and her gown is beautiful on the top but flares out a bit tacky - the fabric - as well...but I'm waiting to see her on stage accepting, it's probably one of those dressed that work on tv...

- Vera Farmiga in a stunning dark rosa dress - too red lips and too messy hair!

- Kate Winslet is so Hollywood it's crazy. So classy and elegant, she's the one people turn to look at again! The color of her simple but beautiful dress is very Oscar - golden and gorgeous but I am still wondering if the top and bottom really go together.

- Zoe Saldana in Givenchy, I don't like the combination top vs. bottom and the slit in the middle, but she is one of the most beautiful people on that carpet.

- Elizabeth Banks looks amazing in a light grey dress with a tight top and a flowy bottom

- Carey Mulligan - like the top of her dress but the cut train is just weird and too flowy!

- Queen Latifah looking great in a pink light fushia dress that makes her look just like perfection!


- Sarah Jessica Parker...sorry - the make up was some of the best but the dress is not Oscar worthy!

- Suzy Amis looking terrible, way older than she is, her hair terrible and her dress just a misfit!

- Nicole Riche - excuse me or did she just call up JLO and ask to borrow a dress? Also why is she even at the Oscars?

Check in w my blog tomorrow for my final list of the best dressed and worst dressed!

Happy Watching!


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