tirsdag den 16. marts 2010

BeautyBlog46-The 20 Essential Accessories

Hi my lovelies,

So tonight's post is a short one....I just wanted you to go check out Rachel Zoe's 20 essential accessories like the Oversized sunglasses!

Love them! What I love is the effortless timeless style they all bring to the table! Classic is always a winner.

Having just seen 'The September Issue' tonight, which features the making of the Vogue 2008 September Issue and the real Devil, who may or may not wear Prada Anna Wintour, I'm convinced a classic look is always a winner!

Remember this is women, who haven't changed her hair and possibly style since she was like 15! And she rules the fashion world...

Well, go check out RZ's picks and have a wonderful week!


(photos: rachelzoe.com and fashionista.com)

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