mandag den 29. marts 2010

BeautyBlog50-Perfect Nails

Hi my lovelies,

I love perfectly done nails. There's nothing worse than cracked nails if you ask me. I used to bite my nails. Gross, I know but ever since I stopped I've appreciated the way nails look when they're polished and nice!

I also admire other women's nails - a lot! I think it stems from the time I used to bite and wish I had pretty hands like everyone else.

When I was a little girl, my grandfather promised me a dolly if I stopped biting my nails. I tried and kind of succeeded. He was kind enough to ignore the times I failed and bought me a dolly and a shower station to pamper the dolly in. However, I still hadn't fully stopped but I soon became determined to do just so - and I finally did. Sometime around the time I was 15.

Ever since, I've loved having my nails done up nicely. I love nail polishes. Like my clothes I go for the natural shades. I never wear black, blue or even red. I prefer pinks. I had my first professional manicure back in 2008. Loved it but somehow felt like it was money I'd rather spend on clothes and a nice dinner. AND I like doing my own nails. My own little spa time;)

Today I was given a nail polish. My favorite nail polish brand is Chanel. Ballerina has been my go to staple for years. The one I got today was Rose Satin.

I love me some Chanel!




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