søndag den 27. februar 2011

BeautyBlog99-Gwyneth Paltrow, Camila Alves and Sandra Bullock


Loving Gwyneth Paltrow's simple yet stunning dress and the simple belt! Love her sleek look. Don't particularly like the bottom of her dress - over all it initially reminded me a bit of Celine Dion's dress. However, Gwyneth Paltrow looks amazing!

Camila Alves - Matthew McConaughey's girlfriend - looks amazing. Very very great red carpet look! A bit Kardashian -she looks stunning!

Sandra Bullock just looks stunning tonight - also often a hit or miss - but I like the sleek glam look on her;)


BeautyBlog98-Natalie Portman

Hi my lovelies,

Being pregnant and on the red carpet - not an easy one to pull of.
Natalie does it with soooo much style. Love the purple dress on her. Not the best dress tonight but considering her pregnancy she looks amazing! Also really like the fringe dangly earrings and soft looking hair style!

She's a winner! love her!


BeautyBlog97-Helen Mirren and Jennifer Hudson


Helen Mirren - as always she looks great for her age and the dress is age-appropriate! She's real class!

Jennifer Hudson - looks good (her face) - the dress is okay - the red color makes her stand out but the low low cut is - like my friend wrote to me earlier - a wardrobe malfunction waiting to happen. Her bustier seems squashed into the dress!


BeautyBlog96-Academy Awards RED CARPET - Penelope Cruz

So...very disappointed...
Normally love her on the red carpet...this time the dress looked off the rag - and the sequins...
Also - although good her her w a baby - her bustier is too much in this dress!

Also must agree w Ann-Lind Andersen on TV2 Film - Robert Downey Jr. always looks great!


BeautyBlog95-Academy Awards RED CARPET - Reese Whiterspoon and Susanne Bier


Reese looks great as always - but the black strapless dress with a white ribbon at the top is a bit boring!

Susanne Bier - looked great in her dark steel grey-blue'ish dress. Like the white on her at the Golden Globes but this works as well!


BeautyBlog94-Academy Awards RED CARPET - Nicole Kidman

Hi again,

Nicole looks great in white - as always - like her necklac and hair - BUT the dress is a bit boring and predictable!
AND she's like a head or more higher than her hubby, Keith Urban.


BeautyBlog93-Academy Awards RED CARPET - Celine Dion, Annette Bening and Halle Berry

Hi lovelies,

Getting down to the wire!

1) Celine Dion - very simple, long sleeved dress. Not seen long sleeves on anyone until now. The white dress is pretty boring though.

2) Annette Bening - My first impression: not good. Makes her look older than she really is - also she's wearing emeralds not diamonds, which I think would go better with this dress!

3) Halle -love you-Berry. Stunning. Looks perfect in her golden glowy dress with an airy sheath at the bottom. Love her on the red carpet -she very very very rarely disappoints!


BeautyBlog92-Academy Awards RED CARPET - Hilary Swank and Sharon Stone

Hi lovelies,

A hit and a miss.

LOVE Hilary Swank. Looks flawless, effortless and just perfect for the red carpet! She never disappoints! Maybe the dress is a bit of a been there seen that before - but still! LOVE!

Do NOT love Sharon Stone. The big puffy hair - well, for me she looks like she is still trying to look like a sexy 90s bombshell - just looks a bit outdated to me!


BeautyBlog91-Academy Awards RED CARPET - Helena Bonham Carter

Hi lovelies,

OH NO! Never was a fan of Helena Bonham Carter's style or lack of same.

I know she's a Brit but she looks like she is stuck in some kind of Shakespeare play....NO NO NO!


BeautyBlog90-Academy Awards RED CARPET - Marisa Tomei and Scarlett Johansson

Hi again,

Hmmmm Marisa Tomei looks way too 1990s - prom-like. Especially, the top of her dress is way too prom! She's at the Oscar's! Think the dress would look amazing w an asymmetrical one shoulder top! (After seeing it live on tv - it looks better than on photos and the 1950s story makes more sense than my 1990s idea;)

Scarlett Johansson - from pictures I'm not convinced...it's wine purple, it's lace and it's somewhat backless BUT it's not the old style hollywood I usually like about her on the red carpet! Will get back to you on this one! Okay I just saw her live on tv -and she does look effortlessly stunning - as always...may even make my best dressed list!


BeautyBlog89-Academy Awards Red Carpet - Cate Blanchet

Hi lovelies,

Cate pulls, well, a Cate. She has great style (albeit not my always kind of style) but tonight she looks great! Love the structure of her dress. Also it's nothing like the dresses we've seen this evening!


BeautyBlog88-Academy Awards and $91,000 GOODIE BAGS!

...what's more exciting than the OSCARS, the the biggest of big award shows in Hollywood...with the most famous of famous stars seeing who will go home with their own golden Oscar statue?

answer: The GIFT BAGS that they give away at the Oscars!

So say you're Natalie Portman, and you don't win the Best Actress award for The Black Swan...you're still gonna get a gift bag worth around $91,000, says the company that put "sorry-you-didn't-win-but-look-at-all-the-stuff-we're-gonna-give-you-hoo!"...

Yep, a "gift bag" filled with "little prizes" like ..a $45,000 African Safari with a private chef...and $14,000 vacay to Monaco...
if the Safari wasn't enough...how bout some Kim Kardashian watches?

or the new Motorola Xoom (the new arch enemy of the ipad)...worth 800 big ones!
or a crystal cat collar from Tiffany?

(blog-post written by one of my fave youtube gurus, make up artist, Kandee Johnson on her blog: http://www.kandeethemakeupartist.blogspot.com/)


BeautyBlog87-Academy Awards RED CARPET - Amy Adams

Hi lovelies,

OH AMY! With her it's often hit or miss...tonight the dress is a hit! The midnight blue suits her skin color and red hair amazingly! BUT her emerald diamond necklace and small!? diamond studs are not the way to go...give her dark sapphire earrings and a bracelet - no necklace when the dress is turtleneck'ish!

Since her hair is soft (like her make up) and flowy (like most times) I think she needs something more to give her that extra red carpet shine! Normally, I love her most on the red carpet when her hair is either more styled or swept up!


BeautyBlog86-Academy Awards RED CARPET - Michelle Williams

Hi lovelies,

Not sure how I feel about her dress - it may look great on the red carpet but with the beach blonde short hair - just not my fave so far...a bit too 1900s!


BeautyBlog85-Academy Awards RED CARPET - Mila Kunis, Mandy Moore and Anne Hathaway

Hi lovelies,

Mandy Moore looked great in a glitter and gold- Monique Lhuillier dress. Very old hollywood, very natural!

Anne Hathaway - liked the red Valentino on her - didn't like the flower and puffiness at the bottom of the dress though!

Mila Kunis - looks great as always! But not sure I personally love the pastelly light purple dress! (Just seen it close-up and I have to say I loooooove it! She looks sooo great and sexy -love the purple lace!)


BeautyBlog84-Academy Awards RED CARPET - Hailee Steinfeld

Hi my loves,

We have the first winner on the red carpet - Hailee Steinfeld looks amazing in a wonderful nude, light -very age appropriate dress. Nominated for True Grit the young starlet is only 14! years old!

Pictures will be up soon!


BeautyBlog83-Academy Awards RED CARPET - Jennifer Lawrence and Melissa Leo

Hi my lovelies,

Nominees Jennifer Lawrence and Melissa Leo have hit the red carpet.

Jennifer Lawrence in a very simple, but still stunning and quite sexy red dress. Calvin Klein!

Melissa Leo in a runway favorite: Lace but I don't think it does her justice. Makes her look somewhat fumpy if you ask me!


BeautyBlog82-Academy Awards RED CARPET countdown!

Hi my lovelies,

The Academy Awards is only hours away! And so is the red carpet - THE shining moment of anything fashion-beauty-glam-related!

Looking forward to my favorites walking the red carpet - looking forward to stars like Natalie Portman, Nicole Kidman, Amy Adams, Anne Hathaway, Halle Berry, Cate Blanchet, Sandra Bullock, Scarlett Johansson, Mila Kunis, Gwyneth Paltrow, Hillary Swank, Reese Witherspoon and of course Oprah!

Wonder if Rachel Zoe styled Anne for the hosting-job?

So stay tuned for my best and worst dressed picks coming up later tonight!


torsdag den 24. februar 2011

BeautyBlog81-Girly Tag-game

Hi my loves!

Hope all is well w/ you! I wanted to do this girly tag that's been going around! I tag you all!

Girly Tag:
1. Is it cute when a guy kisses you on the forehead?
At the end of a date - no! When you're actually a couple - yes!

2. Poofy dress or short party dress?
Probably the short party dress!

3. Would you like a long love letter?
I suppose so...although I find short little notes way cute!

4. Group dates or single dates?
Single! Don't want to share;)

5. Do you hate when guys act different around their friends?
Boys will be boys - and I think all guys do! Girls do that too - but as long as he treats me well infront of them no worries;)

6. Are diamonds a girls best friend?
They are nice but I'd rather have my best friend be the man in my life.

7. Is your hair up or down?
Down right now.

8. Do you straiten your hair?
Never - so straight (read: flat) it's never really worth the trouble.

9. What's your fav girly mag?
Probably Elle magazine

10. What's your fav mascara?
CoverGirl Lash Blast

11. Do you get your nails done?
Tried it a few times but actually find it relaxing to paint them myself.

12. Small or large purses?
Love my clutches but need the large purse to haul all my stuff around! Long live my Marc Jacobs Huge Hobo bag;)

13. Jeans or skirts?
An amazing pair of jeans can really make my day - they are just so hard to find! But skirts are fun too!

14. Do you wear clothes/shoes/jewelry that's uncomfortable?
Not really. Although my feet sometimes hurt after a full day and night in heels;)

15. Do you test a lot?
What does that mean?

16. What would you do if you got pregnant?
Keep the baby - since I would hopefully be in a committed relationship.

17. Whats your fav color?
Clothes-wise I graviate towards black...always black!

18. Heels or flats?
Heels! But I've really been into flats lately!

19. Did you ever cry during a romantic movie?
Yup...don't you?

20. Would you ever leave the house without makeup on?
Would probably always put on mascara and a bit of concealer!

21. Walmart or target?
Only been to a Target once and loved it! Walmart is great though!

22. Do you wear shirts with collars?
Yup! Love shirts!

23. Do you like preppy boys?
No - don't like the boyish look - I like men to look like men!

24. Are you spoiled?
Not really...

25. Do you think lipgloss is the best?

26. Do you own any big sunglasses?
Yup - a pair of Marc by Marc Jacobs shades I love.

27. How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?
Including shower and make up -45 min.

28. Do you like to wear band aids?
Not really...

29. Do you like skater boys?
No way!

30. Gold or silver?

31. Do you like to get flowers?
YES - love flowers!

32. Do you like surfer boys?
Not really, but a well toned body is never a bad thing!

33. Do you dress up for the holidays?
Yes, love dressing up!

34. Do you like dresses?
Use to hate them, now I love them loads!

35. On a scale of 1-10 how much do guys confuse you?
Hard one... probably around 8...

36. In the last 48 hours have you hung out with a guy?

37. Do you wear lipsticks?
Yes - really like the NYX round lipsticks

38. Do you like to hold hands?
Yes, I actually do;)

39. What is the youngest you would date?
I'm 27 (okay almost 28) so 25? I'd rather date someone older than me.

40. What do you notice when you first meet a guy?
Eyes and hands.

41. Is it hot when guys are sweaty?
On the right guy it's pretty hot...

42. What is the best possible feature in a boy?
His personality

43. Do you like making eye contact?
Yes, I think it's important

44. Do you ever picture your wedding dress or wedding?
Not really - to be honest I did more when I was younger - pre-20 - now very very rarely.

45. Would you kill for chocolate?
Probably not but I could get pretty close...

46. Do you ever spend all day and night getting pretty for a guy?
...honestly - not night but a full day might happen...

47. On a scale of 1-10 how fun is shopping?
10+ ;)

48. Do you freak out if you miss your fav shows?
Not really - I watch most things online/dvd anyways!

49. Do you yell a lot?
No, but I do tend to speak rather loudly...

50. Do you wear sweatpants to school/work?

51. Have you ever dressed unlike yourself to impress a guy?

52. Do you write a lot of mushy letters?
No - but I love little love notes so if the right guy came along...

53. What makeup could you not live without out?

54. Do you fall in love easy?
No - it's oftentimes more like a crush

55. Do you have cramps right now?

56. Do you consider yourself pretty?
As I've grown older I've come to accept myself more - beautiful: no but okay: yes!

57. Do you think guys will open this even though it says girly questions?

That's it...

Hope this was fun reading! Please make your own version!


onsdag den 2. februar 2011

BeautyBlog80 - Current wish list TOP 3!

Hi my lovelies,

At the moment I'm trying to save my money for the three top things on my must have list!

The Clarisonic Mia - THE MUST HAVE SKIN CARE PRODUCT! A toothbrush for your face;)

UPDATE: I will get my little hands on the pink Clarisonic Mia next week - so a full review will follow sometime later this month!! Thanks a bunch to my friend Karina for letting me buy her extra (brand new) one for a very good price! LUV!

Discover the Dermatologists' secret to silky-smooth, radiantly fresh skin. Clarisonic goes beyond cleansing by using sonic technology to deeply yet gently clear pores of daily damaging impurities, while also preparing the skin for the absorption of vital nutrients. With regular daily use the Clarisonic reduces dry skin patches, oily areas and blemishes leaving skin feeling and looking smoother. Developed by the lead inventor of Sonicare and recommended by leading dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons. (source:skinstore.com)

I've been dreaming of the Clarisonic Mia for over a year now - and I've decided I NEED to have it! Rave reviews, cool colors, and a great investment in your skin! What more could you want?

I want the pink one! So pretty!


- Charges via a magnetic charger - can be used internationally (in DK all you need is a converter)
- Waterproof
- Can be used with any cleanser (I will be using my Cetaphil cleanser)
- Comes with a brush head for sensitive skin
- Takes 1 minute - 10 seconds on each cheek, 20 seconds on forehead and 20 seconds on nose and chin!

Here is a bit more about this skin care wonder:

Sonic skin cleansing improves skin tone, reduces the appearance of pore size and helps skin care products work their best.

The Clarisonic Skin Cleansing System uses a patented sonic frequency of more than 300 movements per second to clean, soften and smooth skin. In just 60 seconds, the micro-massage action removes 6X more makeup and 2X more dirt and oil than cleansing with your hands alone. Removing more dirt and oil from your pores also helps products work more effectively.

Check out more on their website!

Check out RAVE review on Makeupalley.

You can buy the Clarisonic Mia - shipped to Denmark - for $149 US dollars - ALSO: right now you can save 20% with the code 20LUV

Check out a few reviews here:

Clarisonic Review and Demonstration

A toothbrush for your face?

A review: Clarisonic Mia

My Skincare for Smooth, Blemish Free Skin - go to 6.10 minutes of the video

Zoya Nail Polishes AND remover.

Heard really great things about the Zoya nail polishes. Especially the one in shade Bela - used in the movie Black Swan.

However what really gets attention is their nail polish remover! Beauty gurus like makeupbytiffanyd and michele1218 love this product!

The remover was picked by Allure.com as the favorite nail polish remover in 2010. According to their website: Zoya Remove Plus Nail Polish Remover is an award wining, gentle, yet highly effective 3-in-1 nail polish remover, nail prep and nail conditioner.
The pump is made so you place your cotton pad on the top of the bottle and press down and the product is pumped up directly onto the pad.

No. 3:
Urban Decay's Naked Palette!

I have talked about, dreamt about and wished for this much raved about eye shadow palette for such a long time. It has been sold out for almost SIX months and is just now coming back in store in the U.S. - and usually sold out within 24 hours again!

Raved about as THE neutral palette of the year - and being a neutrals girl myself - I just have to have this!

Check out ultimate make up reviewer Temptalia's review and swatches of the UD Naked Palette here

And see a few of my favorite looks made possible by going naked:)

Naked Smokey Eye

Urban Decay Naked Palette Neutral Smokey Tutorial

Naked Palette: Smokey Natural Bronze Eye

~ The classic Kardashian Smoky Eye ~ (Naked Palette)

Hope you enjoyed my little inspirational wish list!