søndag den 27. februar 2011

BeautyBlog88-Academy Awards and $91,000 GOODIE BAGS!

...what's more exciting than the OSCARS, the the biggest of big award shows in Hollywood...with the most famous of famous stars seeing who will go home with their own golden Oscar statue?

answer: The GIFT BAGS that they give away at the Oscars!

So say you're Natalie Portman, and you don't win the Best Actress award for The Black Swan...you're still gonna get a gift bag worth around $91,000, says the company that put "sorry-you-didn't-win-but-look-at-all-the-stuff-we're-gonna-give-you-hoo!"...

Yep, a "gift bag" filled with "little prizes" like ..a $45,000 African Safari with a private chef...and $14,000 vacay to Monaco...
if the Safari wasn't enough...how bout some Kim Kardashian watches?

or the new Motorola Xoom (the new arch enemy of the ipad)...worth 800 big ones!
or a crystal cat collar from Tiffany?

(blog-post written by one of my fave youtube gurus, make up artist, Kandee Johnson on her blog: http://www.kandeethemakeupartist.blogspot.com/)


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