søndag den 27. februar 2011

BeautyBlog92-Academy Awards RED CARPET - Hilary Swank and Sharon Stone

Hi lovelies,

A hit and a miss.

LOVE Hilary Swank. Looks flawless, effortless and just perfect for the red carpet! She never disappoints! Maybe the dress is a bit of a been there seen that before - but still! LOVE!

Do NOT love Sharon Stone. The big puffy hair - well, for me she looks like she is still trying to look like a sexy 90s bombshell - just looks a bit outdated to me!


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  1. Hillary swank, even in a flawless dress - sorry feathers are very in - still looks like a man.

    Sharon Stone looked great for her - usually her choices are aweful and at least she steped up a bit this time.