søndag den 27. februar 2011

BeautyBlog90-Academy Awards RED CARPET - Marisa Tomei and Scarlett Johansson

Hi again,

Hmmmm Marisa Tomei looks way too 1990s - prom-like. Especially, the top of her dress is way too prom! She's at the Oscar's! Think the dress would look amazing w an asymmetrical one shoulder top! (After seeing it live on tv - it looks better than on photos and the 1950s story makes more sense than my 1990s idea;)

Scarlett Johansson - from pictures I'm not convinced...it's wine purple, it's lace and it's somewhat backless BUT it's not the old style hollywood I usually like about her on the red carpet! Will get back to you on this one! Okay I just saw her live on tv -and she does look effortlessly stunning - as always...may even make my best dressed list!


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