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BeautyBlog7 - My Love for LUSH

I've fallen in love. The love is so strong it makes me do the strangest things. Like shower several times a day.

I've fallen in love with Lush.

Who introduced me to LUSH? YouTube and Allthatglitters21, who in her videos Lush Haul!, Lush Goodies! and I adore Lush Holiday Goodies! convinced me that I had to try out these amazing bath and body products. A friend of mine, who's addicted to Lush also highly recommended that I gave it a try - keep in mind folks, that this was all before my Project 10 Pan began!

LUSH sells fresh handmade natural cosmetics complete range of natural handmade bath and body products! They smell amazing and are made of organic fruit and vegetables, essential oils, and safe-synthetic ingredients in all products produced.I actually lived close to one in the U.S. a year ago, but never went. I know - SO STUPID;)

Anyways, Elle and like a billion other YouTubers convinced me to try it out! So in December I decided to order - twice ;) Living in Denmark I had to order from the U.K since Denmark sadly doesn't have a Lush store! LUSH LAUNCH IN DENMARK!!!

Okay, so I got my to packages and the amazing scents they gave out filled the entire kitchen, when I opened them. For now the second box is in my bedroom and the scents are amazing! Sweet, fruity and lemony;)

So here are the goodies I got from Lush:

Snow Fairy Shower Gel is a limited Christmas edition. The fragrance is sweet as pink cotton candy, mixed with soothing vanilla. And I absolutely love how it makes my skin smell after the shower. Like cotton candy!

Rock Star Soap - a definite favorite! Sweet as bubble gum and scented with vanilla. Leaves me smelling like bubble gum and sweet candy for hours!

Another favorite, which I raved about in my December 2009 favorites: Sweetie Pie Shower Jelly. The jello-like substance is kind of wierd at first, but as soon as I tried it out I fell in love with it. It has the softest best smelling lather ever. Description from "Lashings of blackcurrant and bergamot essential oils in a sour cherry and coconut jelly make this about as fruity as you can get. It is incredibly difficult to resist taking a spoonful. Instead, take a handful and smooth it over your hair and body. Passing strangers will smell you and find their minds wandering to fruit pastilles."

Ocean Salt Face Scrub from Lush.The scrub smells like a marvelous margarita and leaves your skin baby smooth. The lime in the scrub really leaves your skin with a sense of having been deep cleaned. Love love love it!

Angels Delight soap has yet to be tried out but I love the fruity, orangy smell it has. Very fresh and a sweet fruity scent. The small glitter stars makes it even better!

Wiccy Magic Muscles Massage Bar. I was convinced I had to get this for my parents since it supposedly helped aching muscles. They both suffer from a bad back. The bar almost melts as you rub it into the skin - I don't really think it helped but my dad is convinced that the smell is exactly like that of the Danish Christmas cookie: Brunkage - think cinnamon and spices. I will not be buying this again. Also the little beans are just kinda weird if you ask me. The bar would melt away before you got some actual massaging done.

The Up You Gets Emotibomb is supposed to wake you up in the morning with it's slap of lime, lemon and grapefruit. Place the emotibomb on the shower floor and while you shower it will fizz and the scents will leave you awake and ready to face the day. I have yet to try this one out. I am loving how it smells and honestly I can't bring myself to use it :) Reviews say it's 10 minutes - and that's for now I just smell it everytime I pass the box:)

The American Cream Conditioner has the most amazing smell of fruits and vanilla. Honey and vanilla are put in to soften and fresh strawberries and oranges to add shine, it takes on the toughest tangles and roughest frizz, all the while smelling like a sweet honey milkshake. you'll catch a whiff every time you turn your head and wonder where that 1950s diner is. BUT the thing is I don't think it works. True it leaves my hair smelling amazing all day long but the detangling? Not happning, so as a conditioner, at least for my hair it's a no go from now on!

Flying Fox Shower Gel is another thing I have not tried yet. And I've actually decided not to. I'm giving this away to a good friend, because she deserves a little luxury:) It's described like this by Lush: Lots of women would love to believe that they were Cleopatra in a past life. Chances are though that they were somebody more like Mildred. Or Bob. Fortunately, a bunch of fabulous jasmine flowers decided to reincarnate as Flying Fox shower gel. Its infinitely sexy and mysterious scent makes any shower fit for a queen. And we added some honey so you can stay sweet in case all that power goes to your head. Divine!

Yummy, Yummy, Yummy Shower Gel is another thing I have not tried yet. And like with Flying Fox, I've actually decided not to. I'm giving this away to another good friend, because she too deserves a little luxery:) Girls, this will keep you guessing;)

The Godmother Soap is the soap bar version of Snow Fairy, which is good because I only got two small bottles of Snow Fairy and I can't survive the rest of the year without smelling like cotton candy :-) Have yet to try it but am sure I will love it!

Last but not least, I decided to try one of the retro soaps sold on the Lush Website for Christmas.

The 17 Cherry Tree Lane soap is supposed to evoke the transient cherry blossom season of Japan. With mimosa, orange blossom and jasmine, its gorgeous floral scent. According to Lush, 17 Cherry Tree Lane is named after the place Mary Poppins turned up when she blew in on the east wind to take care of Jane and Michael Banks. Lush even added a spoonful of sugar into the mixture:) I've yet to try this out and I already love the floral scent, which reminds me of a time where I lived in a city full of Cherry Tree in bloom!

The thing about Lush products is that we all have individual scents that we like and dislike. It's hard to read how a soap really smells or if you'd like it. I looked at quite a lot of reviews and tried to order from the most popular soaps/products the first time. Also I stuck to what I knew I liked already - sweet scents, light florals and berry/fruity scents. I have yet to try the chocolate soaps and the skin care products!

I highly encourage you to try out Lush! It's amazing and makes shower time a luxury even on a rainy day!

LUSH UK WEBSITE - right now they have great deals - with free stuff included!

Lots of Lush -!



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