lørdag den 30. januar 2010

BeautyBlog30 - Project 10 Pan Update

Hi my lovelies,

I've been dreaming of the things, I can get, once I finish P10P but there is still a bit of way to go. If you don't know what Project 10 Pan is, then check out my introductory blog on it right here!

So this is the status of my Project 10 Pan:

- Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion - Almost done!!
- Rimmel London Fix & Perfect Foundation Primer - Basically done!
- Revlon Color Stay Foundation in 350 Rich Tan - Using the last over the next couple of days!
- Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Creme - still a bit left!
- Too Faced Shadow Insurance - I think it is endles...sigh!
- Cover Girl Last Blast Mascara - this is also kinda slow!!
- NYX Round Lipgloss in Honey - been using a lot of others, so not doing so well here.
- NYX Round Lipgloss in Whipped - getting used less than Real Nude.. so...
- MAC Studio Sculpt in NW25 - seems it's as full as before....hmmmm, I used it daily and I do have loads of things to cover up, so I will get there...eventually.
- Cover Girl Eye Enhancer Eyeshadow in Champagne -I seriously think this will outlast me!

So I actually finished something else:

- Clinique Repair Wair Intense Liptreatment! Woooooot!

Basically, I'm almost half through!;)


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