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BeautyBlog11 -Style vs. Fashion -

Fashion fades - style pervades!

I admire people with style! At the moment this girl is at the top of my list:

Miroslava Duma "Russia's IT Girl" and from what DulceCandy87 says she is also an editor @ Harpar's Bazaar Magazine in Russia. Her sense of style is the perfect blend of classic, upper east side (yes I love GG!) and fashion forward - she is not just new trends she's style with a sense - excuse me - STRONG sense of fashion. Okay, being able to wear YSl, Missoni and Hèrmes at the same time all helps...but at least I and you can find inspiration! The fact that her full name is Miroslava and her friends call her Mira also adds that something extra, don't you think? :)

Also the thing about Mira's style: 1) chic & smart 2) less is more 3) think big (often a big bag as the only accessory) 4) shoes must be black - (could have be me talking) and 5) Signature hair!

Personally, I'm quite picky about what I want to wear and what I like - people who know me well can probably testify to that. I am the kind of person, who usually takes about a season to get used to the 'it' thing of the particular season. By the time another season rolls in, I'm ready to start wearing whatever everyone has worn for ages. I'm probably pretty conservative in the way I dress - I just use another c-word: Classic;)

And although I dearly love fashion and the amazing fashion spreads in Vogue even fashion fades. Style - if real and confident can live forever. I admire anyone who has their own style and sticks to it! I may not like a particular item or color or print or ever wear it myself but if someone else steps into a room with confidence and style, I may find that they are the most well-dressed even though someone else is spotting the lastest trend right next to it. I'm often inspired by those kind of people.

I'm also the kind of girl who loves heals no matter what. I bought a pair of ballerina flats for the first time last summer and I wore them until they broke...I never thought I would do that. Keep in mind however that I stuck to my one and only shoe color - my love: black. Since my first ballerina flats I've found that I actually like them. (I will probably not admit to this in real life but they are a kinda (okay more) comfortable than my beloved high heels). And I totally loved them all summer! I lived in them and only wore heels at night! Another thing I love is boots - high heeled boots...but since everyone started wearing flat boots a season or two ago and they are now walking around in knee high ones, I'm tempted to buy flat boots.

Back to my favorite color for a while: Black - BLACK! I love black. I once bought a pair of really nice peep toe silk silvery high pumps in London. I feel in love with them instantly and knew I had to have them.....I've never worn them, and ever since I've told myself to think of them looking oh so nicely on display but being essentially useless (useless said in a low whisper :) ) when I shop for shoes and therefore, I've only bought black ever since. My absolute favorite black heels are from Steve Madden, I found them on sale in New York at Loehmans for 17 dollars! They were a lot more but the girl at the check out (her first day) was so stressed that she accidentally took 50 % off the already 50% off a loooooot of time:)

However, recently, I've ventured out and started wearing: white and blue - this summer I even got into fuchsia, purples and grey for a while. I was once asked in a survey whether I dressed to impress or for the occasion. I would say I do both but most often I probably end up dressing for the occasion more than to impress - and if I have to be honest what happens is that I often end up over-dressing for a low key occasion...don't you just hate when that happens...!? But then again - confidence and a smile can take you a long way!;)

Of the girlfriends I'm closest to I could probably pick out an outfit that they would wear in a store if they asked me to. They have their own unique style.

My best girlfriend has great style. She always looks very well put together and although she doesn't blow the budget once a month to follow the latest fashion she is somehow always just right! She has style and that is among one of the many many things I admire her for.

Another amazing girlfriend follows fashion quite closely and is a lot more courageous than I when it comes to incorporating fashion trends into her wardrobe. What she excels at is using trends to further enhance her own very secure sense of style. She was the one who taught me that investing in a pair of very expensive designer sunglasses could make even the most rainy and boring day with an pair of sweatpants from H&M and messy hair feel like a day in paradise - because having style and feeling confident is not necessarily about wearing the latest thing of the run way but to be wearing the right thing.

All I can say is that ever since she told me that, I've been wanting to buy a pair of Chanel sunglasses;)


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