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BeautyBlog3 - Favorite Make Up Gurus!

Hey Lovelies!

So I wanted to share my love of YouTube gurus w/ you guys. If you are new to this universe then you should definitely check out these 10 amazing gurus! A lot of them have been featured in magazines like Elle and Seventeen Magazine. A lot of them also work either fulltime or freelance as make up artists.

1: kandeejohnson 178,039 subscribers on YouTube: My favorite guru. Amazing Kandee Johnson is a professional make up artist with a wonderful bubbly personality. Her videos are very easy to follow and indeed inspirational. She gives the best tips on how to maximize what you've got! Being on YouTube has even meant the creation of what she calls: Glaminars - hugely popular work shops all over the U.S. where she teaches all of her tricks to YouTube her viewers. A plus is her great personality and to make it even better she brings out the best in you too by watching her videos and that places her at the top of my Make Up Gurus List!

2: lollipop26 68,325 subscribers on YouTube : Laura aka lollipop26 is a favorite because of her great hauls and useful reviews. One of the things we have in common is the love of neutral and classy make up and fashion. The perfect pout is only a lipstick or lipgloss away, right? Now living in Dubai, Laura is originally from the U.K. Following her move and her hunt for a new apartment, new fashions and make up to go with her new life has been equally interesting.

3: DulceCandy87 121,002 subscribers on YouTube: As previously stated there is something special about DulceCandy. She returned from her posting Iraq last year and began posting videos on YouTube showing her many many hauls and make up tutorials. Now in college - studying fashion - her blog is constantly updated with OOTD and pictures of her recent buys. Her sense of style is very different from mine - loads of colors, loads of prints and all kinds of accessories - but she definitely has a very confident sense of style that I have to admit I admire!

4: MakeupByTiffanyD 130,042 subscribers on YouTube: Tiffany is the Sigma Make Up spokes/video person (amazing brushes in MAC quality at half the price!). I subscribed to her because of her very inspirational make up tutorials - her hauls (everything from Sigma to MAC and Lush) and I've found that I very often agree with her review of things, when I get to see them in real life. Her tutorials and the technique are very easy to follow and the results are amazing!

5: Allthatglitters21 165,133 subscribers on YouTube: Elle is the sweetest girl. She is a senior in college and reminds me of a lot the girls I met while studying in the U.S. She is so exited about everything and has made great videos for more than a year now. Sometimes I really feel like she is like the real life Legally Blonde Elle - and I mean that in the best way! She is sooooo sweet and they even talk kinda the same - watch her organizing video and you'll see what I mean;) I just love her! I mainly watch her for her hauls and her small vlogs (ramblings on everything from make up to life in general). Also she was the one to convince me I needed to give Lush a chance. <3 thanks Elle! P.S. Her younger sister Blair also makes videos on YouTube as Juicystar07 :)

6: emilynoel83 40,924 subscribers on YouTube: Emily initially caught my eye because she was doing easy pretty make up looks with drugstore products. Being a student, my budget is not always for MAC and high end products. Working as a news anchor on a morning tv show, Emily is really good at communicating and her reviews of products + plus her husband Tayler, who sometimes co-hosts her beautybroadcasts, it's sure to entertain, when Emily posts a video.

7: panacea81 320,860 subscribers on YouTube: Of the YouTube gurus I've been following for the last almost two years Lauren is probably the one, who has gained most success from making videos. A shy girl from the UK, she actually began making tutorials without any training on YouTube because she was selling make up online and costumers were asking for application and swatches. One day she switched to doing looks replication celebrities (like many of the other gurus are doing now) and Lauren's Leona Lewis Better in Time look shot her into stardom. The video has more than a million views, Lauren was contacted by companies, by the BBC and eventually launched her own make up line called bylaurenluke, which was launched by Sephora in the U.S. last year. She is now working on the second leg of her line to be launched in the Spring/Summer of 2010.

8: Xteeener 123,392 subscribers on YouTube: My very first YouTube make up video was one of Christine's looks. I think it was a natural smokey eye tutorial for Asian eyes. I was just looking for inspiration. I really enjoy watching Christine's videos because she is very down to earth. Christine is very good at finding good bargins and give tips for dupes of MAC products. She uses mainly drugstore products, which at the beginning of my YouTube-watching suited me perfectly.

9: Fafinettex3 218,413 subscribers on YouTube: Aubrey is one of the gurus I've been watching for the longest time. She and I are the same coloring, which has helped me tremendously in determining what foundation color to go for and which colors would suit me in general. She makes great tutorials and used to do a lot of hauls! Her channel was recently hacked into so a lot of her great videos from the past year and a half are gone :( but she is currently rebuilding the channel. Love her! She is kinda goofy at times, which also suits me very well!

10: michele1218 12,102 subscribers on YouTube: Michele has become one of my favorite gurus lately. I love her hauls and her very easy, great looking tutorials! We share the girly obsession with make up and have bonded over our love. She is a really nice girl and her often neutral looks go great with my preferences. Also she replies to all of her comments and her dog Jake is the sweetest thing!

Happy YouTubing!



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