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BeautyBlog16- I heart The City

I love THE CITY!!

I love New York!

I love fashion!

And....I love tv!

All three of my loves are perfectly combined in 'The City'. The City is an MTV reality television series and a spin-off of the MTV show The Hills, which I was never really into. But a friend introduced me to the city - saying I had to watch it and that I would love this show for it's fashion alone....and I do!

The show - which is kinda of a reality/soap takes us on an adventure of the changing life and surroundings of Whitney Port as she moves to New York City to work for fashion designer Diane von Fürstenberg.

Whitney Port

At DVF Whitney meets her new co-worker Oliva (Palermo - an American socialite)

The two quickly bond over their new job. However, the guy, Jay who Whitney starts dating is a former crush of Olivia's and tada! the drama is on...competition also quickly moves into DVF.

What I love so much about this show is New York!!! It's almost like being there myself;)

AND then of course the to die for clothes Olivia Palermo keeps on flashing:

If you haven't seen 'The City' then what are you waiting for? Watch entire S1 here! S2, premiered late Sep 09, has just begun showing online at the Danish MTV site as well!

So go watch! NOW!


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