onsdag den 20. januar 2010

BeautyBlog25 - Kelly Ripa could so easily be my BFF!

Hi lovelies,

You know how you see famous people and think he or she could actually be your friend in real life?

Well, I'm sure I could be Kelly Ripa's BFF!

Who is Kelly Ripa, you might ask? Well, she use to be a star on All my children, where for 12 years, she played Hayley Vaughan Santos - now she is the co-host of the 'Live with Regis and Kelly' morning show on ABC. More recently, she had her own tv-show: Hope & Faith.

I began watching the Live with Regis and Kelly morning show, when I lived in the U.S. back in 2008. I would catch the host chats on their website, since I had to go into work in the morning and if they had an interesting guest, I'd find the clip on YouTube. But what I really liked about the show was how funny and real Kelly seemed to be. And she likes to dance! And walk the make believe runway in her high, high heels! And she has amazing style! And she like me is - yes I'll say it: small chested and proud of it! And she knows how to make fun of herself. And she's a great mother and role model - AND then there's that gorgeous husband of hers, Mark Conselous - former co-star on All my children - they dated and married several times on the show before they fell in love and married in real life. He is a real piece of man-candy:)

In fact, I think one the reasons I like her so much is that catwalk thing! One of my girlfriends loves to do the same thing! Just for fun of course but never the less, she's just as amazing as Kelly Ripa.

You can meet Kelly here:

Kelly Ripa - Starring on Melrose Place? Mistaken identity!

Miss J Alexander teaches Kelly Ripa to model walk

Kelly Ripa - How to Run in Heels

Kelly Ripa Wears a Candy Bra

Ain't she great?


(Photos: kellyripafan.com)

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