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BeautyBlog13 - Five Fab Favorites For The Face

Hi my lovelies,

Today I thought I'd share my favorite face beauty remedies with you! I was around 13 when I started breaking out. From that point, face products became my best friend.

I started out with Clearasil. It worked. Kinda. I guess that was around 7th grade. I wasn't really into all the beauty stuff back then. That slowly changed during the following years. By the time I returned from two years at a boarding school I had started wearing a bit of make up on an every day basis. With that skin care became even more important.

My skin would still break out during my three years in senior high - (gymnasium) and I switched to the Clinique 3-step system. It made a big difference and I stuck to it for years. Actually, I more or less stuck to it until two years ago. I was looking for a facial mask at my local Sephora and the sales lady asked me about my skin type. I told her about my beauty routine and she ended up telling me I had to consider changing it up.

For years I had been using products for acne prone and teenage-like skin. They were actually way to harsh for my face! At 25 I started using other products.

It took me until the fall of last year to find the perfect combination and although I still suffer from an occasional break out my skin has really cleared up!

Let us move on to my five favorites:

1) Queen Helene Masque Mint Julep Mask. I love this face mask! I tried it out originally because of Fafinettex3'a review on YouTube. Although my skin is a lot better now, I still need to use a mask once a week to keep the blackheads and ewwww pimples from resurfacing! And the best thing: It's around 4 dollars for 8.0 fl. oz at CVS or The Dollar Tree Store. I've seen it compared to the Mask of Magnaminty from Lush, which is 20.45 dollars for 11. oz eller 11.55. for 4.4. oz!! So that is another reason as to why I love my Mint Julep Mask! I love it it even though it smells very much like toothpaste and it's Jim Carrey The Mask green! But I reckon that the green color gives it a kind of retro feel, when you put it on;)

2) The Neutrogena Wave Power Cleanser. When I first bought this little wonder, my friend said she would never buy anything Vanessa Hudgens was advertising - lol:) I was also kind of sceptical but I had been eyeing it for close to a year and when the new wave duo came out I decided to give it a try. I think I paid 14 dollars for it. The Neutrogena Wave is a battery-operated power cleanser. It uses foaming pads with cleanser infused right inside them. To use the Wave, I simply install a single pad and push the switch to turn it on. The whole machine vibrates gently. I activate the cleanser pad with a bit of water and then massage the foam onto my face to remove dirt, oil and exfoliate my face. It works a lot better than an ordinary cleansing. I could use it every day with the Deep Clean Foaming Pads, but found that I like the Shine Free Blemish Free Pads better and by using them twice a week my skin just looks better and feels softer!

3) Ocean Salt from Lush. I've raved about this exfoliator before. I would suggest using this once every other week, and the mint julep mask on the weeks in between. The scrub smells like a marvelous margarita and leaves your skin baby smooth. The lime in the scrub really leaves your skin with a sense of having been deep cleaned. Love love love it! I am very tempted to try out some of the other face stuff from Lush. However, a friend told me that Angels on bare skin is kind of hard to work with but the reviews out there are great, so I may just go ahead and try it anyways.

4) Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleanser For Normal to Oily Skin. OMG! I used to use the Clinique Facial Soap Bar in regular and then the Clinique Liquid Facial Soap in Mild but none of them even come close to compare with my new love. The Cetaphil Cleanser. Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleanser for normal to oily skin was formulated for dermatologists as a gentle, non-irritating cleanser for normal to oily skin. It's non-comedogenic, meaning that it won't clog your pores. I began using this last August and I've been loving it every day since. It cleans my face so well. It's so gentle and yet - The only down fall: I can't get seem to buy it, the Mint Julep Mask or the Wave pads in Denmark so I have to order it from the U.S. Anyone know if and where Cetaphil is sold in Denmark because I need to stuck up on them! Another plus is the price: Cetaphil is 7.99 for 8.0 fl. oz vs. Clinique's 15.00 for 6.7 fl.oz.

5) Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion - of the 3-step system the only thing that has survived is their amazing lotion. Of all the face lotions I've ever tried, I keep coming back to this one and I feel the difference immediately! I love how it makes my skin smoother, softer and thoroughly moisturized.

So what are your five favorites? Feel free to leave your favorites in the comment box below!



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