mandag den 11. januar 2010

BeautyBlog14 - All good things Tiffany

Hi my lovelies,

This afternoon I spent two wonderful hours with my beloved grandmother and the amazing Audrey Hepburn playing the most eccentric and lovely Holly Golightly in 'Breakfast at Tiffany's'.

Not only did Audrey Hepburn immortalize the LBD - little black dress - she also set the scene for another slightly eccentric but still as lovely girl named Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City.

And then of course the movie made me fall in love all over again with Tiffany & Co. A good friend of mine has been talking about getting a Tiffany Key necklace for a while. And I must admit I've fallen in love with them as well. Or maybe it's just them oh so delightful light blue packaging? That being said, I also have to admit that I do like (okay love) their engagement rings but then again who doesn't?

The buzz that's been going around would let you know that wearing a Tiffany Key necklace could lead you to true love. I don't for a second believe that but the romantic sentiment and the sale speech still makes my heart soften just a little bit - I know I'm a girly, girl!

Of the Tiffany Keys I've fallen in love with three:

My first love is of course the Crown key pendant with round brilliant diamonds in 18k rose gold. I simply adore this. However, it's 1.500 dollars including chain so I may have to keep dreaming.

My second love is the Heart key pendant in sterling silver. I love the simplicity of this piece of jewelry, and it would go well with anything. The price is also a lot more realistic: 175 dollars.

Thirdly, I love the Crown key pendant in sterling silver. I love the vintage feel of this key. The price is 175 dollars.


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