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BeautyBlog32 - Signature Scent

Hi my lovelies,

As promised here is my blog about my signature scent! I the kind of person who really cares a lot about, which perfume I'm wearing. Usually, I go for floral and very subtle sweetish scents. And I am pretty stringent about sticking to the scent I've chosen but at the same time, each scent carry strong memories of events and people in my life at that point in my life. And I think that is the most precious thing a signature scent can give you. Good memories and of course nice compliments.

For years - back in senior high, I used to love Cool Water by Davidoff and Light Blue by Dolce and Gabbana

Then came my love affair with Lancôme's Miracle. For years, throughout my senior year and then off to college, I was in love with this scent.

Eventually, I grew kind of tired of Miracle, even though that is the one a lot of people still seem to connect me with. I then moved on to Romance by Ralph Lauren and I absolutely loved it!

After some time, I began switching around a bit between all of the above, I was still kind of searching for my signature scent.
Then almost five years ago, I fell in love with Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker, and it's been my scent ever since. Like Miracle, people have told me they associated me with this scent.

Now after five years, I'm moving on again!

This time I've fallen in love with a stronger scent than ever before. It's still floral and still with a hint of sweetness. To me it represents the woman I've become over the years and the woman I want to keep on evolving into. I'm loving it!

It's as some of you more loyal readers may have already guessed: Parisienne by Yves Saint Laurant.

So what is your signature scent?


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