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BeautyBlog39 - February Favorites 2010

Hi my lovelies,

Time flies! It's almost March 1st, which means February Favorites is coming right at ya!

- Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream: During February I've fallen back in love with one of my first beauty-related loves! I primarily use it to moisturize my lips, for small scratches and to soften my hands. It's perfect. Some people don't like the scent, it's very herbal - I however love it. I remember back in my senior year in High School (1.G) I and a friend thought we'd read somewhere that it was being discontinued and went to our Elizabeth Arden counter to stock up big time. The sales women almost panicked...lol! But it was just a rumor, thank God!:)

- My Cetaphil facial cleanser! Can I just say: LOOOOVE! It's perfect for my skin! I've never had softer skin! I am simply in love with this product. Mine is for normal to oily skin. I use it twice daily and it's so great. It's very gentle, has practically no scent and is used in hospitals as well.

- In February I've sort of gone from my NYX blush in Angel ( a soft pink) and back to my amazing Clinique Blushing Blush Powder in 107 Sunset Glow. It's amazing. Described on the website as a mid tone redish bronze, on my skintone it comes out as a coral reddish bronze color! It's amazing I love it. I was inspired to go for a blush flushed tone when I was watching my fave Lipstick Jungle, where the character Victory Ford wears blushes similar to my Clinique one all the time!

- Sunsilk Care & Repair. Normally I'm not a fan of leave in things in my hair. It makes it greasy and kills any volume! However, I love this for the ends (okay, the split ends!) of my hair! It makes it silky soft and it has the best smell. I use is once a week! - Could not find a picture - the bottle is small, orange and is part of their Care & Repair line - 24/7 Day Care Cream.

- Since it's so cold, wintery and snowy outside my lips need a lot of protection! They crack all the time! :( I've therefore also been loving my Clinique Repairwear Intensive Lip Treatment. It makes my lips instantly smoother and softer!

- Since discovering I had this hand sanitizer from Bath and Body Works - brought it back from the U.S in Nov 09, but it was hidden in a bag of make up I did not open until I returned to my apartment in the beginning of Feb ! It's the Winter Candy Apple scent, and I absolutely love it! It's the sweetest apple scent with pops of Christmas right there inside of it! I've been using it daily ever since!

- Another lip product is my Revlon Super Lustrious Lip Gloss in 010 Shine City. It's a bubble gum pink (almost sheer when put on) lip gloss with tons of glitter! I only use a little right on the center of my lips for that extra pop:)

I think that's about it for Feb 10! Let me know what your favorites are!



(photos: amazon.com, sephora.com)

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