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BeautyBlog79- Golden Globes Fashion

Hi my lovelies,

Last night the stars shined on the red carpet at the 68th annual Golden Globes! Overall, I feel like this year was less interesting fashion-wise! There were shining stars but they were quite rare compared to earlier red carpets. Personally, I was thrilled to see Chris Colfer, Jane Lynch and Glee win overall. The Social Network and Natalie Portman for Black Swan (will see it late tonight) were big faves in my book.

But onto what this really is about!

Top 5 best dressed

1) Carrie Underwood

The princess of country gets it just right at her first GG in a fabulous Badgley Mischka dress covered in sequins.

2) Claire Danes

She shines in this very classic (typical Danes) Calvin Klein dress. Very smooth and classy! We like!

3) Eva Longoria

The soon-to-be single gal, Ms. Longoria looks amazing in this black Zac Posen gown! Very classic Longoria style but nevertheless great for the red carpet! What I love most about her red carpet style is that is seems so effortless!

4. Oliva Wilde

Ms. Wilde turned heads in her multi-layered tulle and embellished Marchesa gown. But I did not like her gold Chistian Louboutain's with that dress!

5. Amy Adams

Not on many other best dressed lists but definitely making mine is also Ms. Adams in a teal Marchesa gown. I think she was one of the most well put-together stars last night - hair and make up perfect for the dress.

Honorary mentions:

- Sandra Bullock

But I think the overall effect would have been a lot better if she had had her hair pulled back and up instead of down and heavy with bangs.

- Sofie Vergara

However, the Vera Wang dress and look is a bit too plain in a way - too amateur'ish compared to Longoria or Underwood in my opinion.

- Mila Kunis

Looking good and every inch the starlet she is becoming - somehow I just feel like the fabric looks a crushed and crumbled in a has been way - the kind of fabric and style (although I love the one shoulder and top of the dress) is a bit outdated.

- Emma Stone in Calvin Klein

Still, I feel like the peach colored dress is a bit too pastel with her beach blonde hair - and I don't like the sleeves - perhaps it's just a bit too boring and plain?

Those were my favorites - now on to my:

Top 5 worst dressed

1) Michelle Williams

Daisy anyone? This dress is vintage but also very girly - and frumpy in spite of being Valentino. Really, a red carpet dress...what was she thinking - I D Y E....Rachel Zoe style - and not in a good way!

2) Heidi Klum

Oh no...sometimes Klum gets it just right and sometimes she really bombs...I mean what is up with this 1970s inspired Marc Jacobs's the Golden Globes - make an effort to dress according to Hollywood 2011 - or at least from the 1940-60s instead of drowning somewhere in the 1970s;(

3) Jennifer Lopez

She normally stuns me at awards shows but this Zuhair Murad dress was so 90s! Very much what I'd expect from her when she just emerged - from the flimsy cover to her hair and make up! What happened to the sexy confident Jenny from the block?

4) Tilda Swinton

OMG what is that? A white shirt and a light yellow skirt - looks just horrible - again this is the Golden Globes - she has looked both amazing and horrendous in previous shows - with her I just feel it's mostly a miss!

5) Anne Hathaway

Anne, Anne - the idea of an Armani gown with low cut back and bronzy sequins may seem like a good idea - but knowing Rachel Zoe is your stylist...I feel like this is the kind of dress Zoe would wear but not the kind of thing Anne Hathaway wears -my main concern is the fabric - it just looks cheap on her...

A few WTF?

Some of my former favorites on the red carpet Julianne Moore, Halle Berry, Angelina Jolie, Scarlet Johansen Catherine Zeta Jones, Nicole Kidman, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Leighton Meester, Christina Hendricks and January Jones all disappointed me with either their choice of color or cut. The most interesting one being Berry's Nina Ricci dress or underwear with a train or whatever that was.

Extra mention: Danish director Susanne Bier wins a Golden Globe for best foreign film: In a better world.

She looks good in the white/cream dress - just need her hair up and a bit of bling from Harry W and she could really battle it out on the red carpet - especially in light of the disappointing all over fashion this year!

So what did you all think?

Who was your best and worst dressed? Please leave a comment below sharing your pick with me:)


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3 kommentarer:

  1. Best dressed man: Robert Pattinson!! Navy Gucci suit and new ginger hair. *Drool*
    Best dressed woman: Amy Adams

    XOXO from Sille

  2. @Sille:

    Best dressed man: Between John Ham and Chris Colfer...

    Worst dressed - aka just too much, too sleek gel-filled hair and sunglasses (soooooo 2000s) Brad Pitt

  3. Dejlig læsning, selvom vi ikke er helt enige om dem alle;-)

    Synes Sandra Bullock er helt hen i skoven - hun ligner en sur teenager og kjolen - well ikke lige mit valg!

    Claire Danes ser røvkedelig ud, og det samme gør Emma Stone - hvis vi er ovre i pinkish, så er mit valg helt klart Lea Michele - hun ser fantastisk ud i lyserød marengskjole og smil fra det ene øre til det andet (altid en god accessorie;-)

    Sofia Vergara siger jeg også yikes til - hun ser virkelig taggy ud, og kjolen burde nok have siddet på Megan Fox i stedet, der måske kunne have pulled it off;-) Er også virkelig i chok over Christian Aguilera, som det lykkes at se tyk ud - der skal altså noget til, når man er så veldrejet som hende. Det er virkelig en frygtelig kjole, som jeg havde sat på worst dressed;-)

    Vi er ellers enige om de grimme - hvad sker der for Tilda Swinton? Og good old JLo? De to har da ellers før vist, at de godt kan, hvis det skal være.

    Men nu skal det hele jo ikke være de grimme kjoler, for der var godt nok også mange fine. Er helt vild med one shoulder dresses og sådan nogle douce blå/grønlige farver, så mine favoritter er klart Amy Adams, Mila Kuris, Julie Bowen og Sarah Hyland - red carpet glam med lidt kant! LOVE IT!
    Jane Krakowski ser også dejlig ud med gravid mave og stort smil - og kjolen er lidt i samme genre som ovenstående - hun er en bobler for mig.
    En sidste, der er værd at nævne er efter mine mening Julianne Hough i Marchera - cool kjole, men bare ikke helt så glam som nogle af de andre.

    Kys fra Katrine