mandag den 5. april 2010

BeautyBlog52-I would love me some lenses

Hi my lovelies,

I'm getting on the band wagon - the colored contact lenses wagon. All the cool kids are doing it! Well at least a lot of the YouTube guru's I'm following.

I'm Korean and a lot of the girls I watch on YouTube are Asian or Korean, since it's great for make up tips. I match their skin color and a lot of the looks they do will look great on me too. One of the things everyone has been into lately are the circle lenses. Colored contact lenses in all kinds of colors. It has been huge in Asia and particular Korea for a while and now I want to try it out. I have small eyes and the lenses really accentuate and make my eyes look a loooot bigger;)

I'm gonna start with the very popular Angel Brown, which I will get from

Since it looks really pretty, I've also been toying with the idea of trying blue lenses;)

I've been watching one guru in particular for lens-inspiration - Jarmaine - JlovesMAC has a great video: BIG Doll Eye Contacts on how to achieve those bigger doll looking eyes we all dream of - okay, I dream of;)

Another is hollyannaeree, check out her video where you can see the blue lenses here: Easy Smokey Eye Routine Tutorial Great for Asian Eyes

Here she wears the grey ones, I've been debating a lot over these, what do you guys think? I may even like they grey better than blue! Maybelline Natural Smokes Tutorial: SIMPLE Mild Brown Smokey Eye: My everyday look when using this

The price is around 34 dollars + shipping to Denmark (10 dollars) so all in all about 45 dollars. Jarmaine has a cupon code JLoves15 that takes off 15%!




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