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BeautyBlog59 - Back in beauty business!

Hi my lovelies,

After 20 delicious and much needed vacation days I'm back!!

I started out spending four fantastic days in Rome. It was my first time there and I loved the city, the architecture and the sun!

Initially, I was saving my money for my next destination (Seoul, South Korea) but I couldn't resist getting a few things including a small golden cross at the Vatican. I also ventured out onto Via del Corsa - aka THE shopping street, where I found a Sephora and a Lush.

Unfortunately, the Sephora did not carry Nars, which I was pretty keen on trying out so I went for Make Up For Ever instead. Since my skin is combination/oily I was advised not to go for the ever so popular MUFE HD Invisible Cover Foundation. Instead I bought the Mat Velvet + Foundation. I've only had the opportunity to try it out a few times but so far I like it! It does seem to give my face a mat finish, which I love - however I don't think the coverage is as good as my preferred foundation: Revlon ColorStay.

I also went into Lush where I spent the majority of my time. I love it there. All the soaps, face products and funny bath-things. I only got four things in there.

I wanted to try Dark Angels skin exfoliant. On Lush's own website Dark Angels are described like this: "Dark and tough, this one doesn't mess about. It's a black, squidgy scrub made with charcoal to absorb oils and exfoliate your skin. Nutritious avocado oil softens, glycerine keeps the moisture in and black sugar scrubs away." I already love it. I used it daily in Korea and it was wonderful for deep cleaning my face after long busy days, where my skin would be dirty from all the activity and all the sweating! (Korea was HOT HOT HOT with even more humidity to go with it!)

I also bought my first bubble bar called Creamy Candy Bubble Bar. I don't have a bath tub so I use it for the water I soak my tired feet in once a week;) It smells so good! So sweet like candy and it turns the water into a sea of pink bubbles!

I also decided to give the Sugar Scrub a try. I have yet to try it out but here is what the website says: "Tough on cellulite, kind to skin. Our Sugar Scrub is hard, but a bit of a sweetie. Its no nonsense stance stimulates activity and tackles cellulite with fennel and ginger. Calming lavender has a balancing effect and encourages healthier skin." I mean who wouldn't want to give this a try!?

In the end I decided not to get a lot of soap since I still have some left from last time I got a shipment from Lush in December. But I had to get one little piece and I picked the Triple-citrus cleanser. According to Lush: "Lemslip is our creamiest, dreamiest lemon shower soap, but this is only one of the reasons why it's a best-seller. It has antimicrobial lemon, lime and sweet wild orange to clear up spots all over a body that gets a bit oily now and again" and I really love everything lemon scented. It just smells clean and summery!

This was what I got beauty-wise in Italy. I flew straight from Rome to Korea where I just returned from after 16 great days! Experience and shopping-wise.

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