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BeautyBlog74-My perfect imperfections

Hi lovelies,

This tag has been going around for a while. I like it because besides looking at the imperfections we all feel we have (something that most people don't actually notice/care about) it also celebrates the ability to say nice things about yourself.

Therefore, this blog post is actually a bit more about me and a bit less about make up!

In my teens and early twenties, I struggled immensely with self-confidence issues - mainly about my body - but in the recent years, I've been inspired by so many strong and confident women, and have matured enough to say to myself: relax a little more, don't stress about the things you think other people see (because most times they really don't), and to just be more happy and more me! I do feel better about myself and I think that confidence has made me a more happy and relaxed person to be around!

SO first the three imperfections:

1) I seriously wish I had a nicer nose! Not the shape as much as the large pores and the fact that it gets soooo shiny/oily all the time! Luckily, I've learned make up tricks to minimize the shine and pores but still it bothers me a lot more than it should!
I always envy women with flawless skin and non-shiny t-zones;)

2) I hate the fact that my skin scars so easily and that the scars are so dark and hard to get rid of. No matter how small a wound, I have a scar for the next month (on my face) and even longer on my legs or arms. No remedy has been able to cure me of that! Maybe it has to do with my skin-tone or my skin in general, I don't know but I've thought of going to a dermatologist for advice.

3) I don't like to wear sleeveless tops or tank tops because I feel like my arm pits - or rather the skin on the front of my armpit towards my torso is way too bulky and fat (I know we are really getting into the small obsessive things now;)

Therefore on to the good and great things about myself!

1) I like my hair - most of the time - I never cared that much about it (having it cut or using the right shampoo) but I was always okay with how it looked - and since it's sooooo straight and without volume I kind of had to get used to it;) BUT there's nothing like newly washed hair that dries into soft layers;)

2) A strange thing: I like my cheekbones - the ones I never knew I had but discovered through make up and I really do believe they have become more define in the last few years- maybe my (teenage)face finally settled into its lines;) I like how they define my face more than before where I always felt my face was too round and too undefined.

3) I like my hands. They are pretty small - most people comment on how small my fingers are - but I never think about that. I like the actual hand-part of my hand. Is that weird? Possibly;) But I guess I like my entire hand the best, when I have my nails done. For some reason I pretty much have baby-soft skin on my hands.

So what are your perfect imperfections?

Please let me know in the comment box below!


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