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BeautyBlog56- My skin care routine

Hi lovelies,

So I've been promising a skin care routine post, and here it is! Since I started researching more on make up and skin care about a year and a half ago, I've really gotten into skin care. My skin is very prone to break outs. I have oily/combination skin. I still get the occasional big pimple but thankfully it has been receding a lot over the last year or so. That is probably because my skin care regime is very different now than it use to be. The most important thing: I remove ALL my make up EVERY night and the biggest difference, because I actually used to remove it before, I take it off in more steps than before so I actually clean my skin!

I will divide this into morning and night skin care!


1: Cleanse my skin with my favorite cleanser ever the Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleanser for Normal to Oily Skin. I simply adore this. No parabenes, no perfume and very very gentle. Leaves my skin so soft and clean!

2: I use the Nivea Soothing Toner for Dry to Sensitive Skin. My skin is not dry but I've discovered that it is sensitive. A very wise women told me two years ago that I should stop using all the anti-acne products I had been using for years. I was not a teen anymore and my skin was being subjected to way to harsh products.

Basically that meant no more Clinique 3 step system. I use to swear by this, now I only use the:

3: Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion.
This is the only one of the original Clinique products I began using back in 2001. And I still love love love it. It's the best moisturizer for my skin that I have ever found. I tried other brands for shorter amounts of time but always return to this.


At night the most important thing I do is remove ALL of my make up.

1: I take up my eye make up with my favorite make up remover: Vandfast Øjenmakeup Fjerner fra Matas. A Danish based drug store brand. The best ever, if you ask me. Especially, since I use waterproof mascara!

2: I use baby wipes to remove my make up. This step is crucial! Before I would only wash my face. However, that only removed my make up, it did not cleanse my face. I use baby wipes from Kvickly Xtra - they are very cheap 2 dollars for a big pack and I stock up whenever there's a sale. Love them!

3: Cleanse my face with Cetaphil and several times a week I also use a face scrub. For years, I've been using the Clinique 7 day scrub. Lately however I started using, and absolutely love Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne-Scrub. It gently exfoliate my face and leaves my skin soft and deeply cleansed.

Then I follow with

4: The Nivea Soothing Toner for Dry to Sensitive Skin.

5: Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion.

And finish off with the

6: Clinique All About Eyes Moisturizer. Lightweight eye cream diminishes the appearance of eye puffs, darkness and fine lines. I use the gel formula and love the soothing feel.


Other parts of my face regiments include a weekly facial mask

Queen Helene Masque Mint Julep Mask. I love this face mask! I tried it out originally because of Fafinettex3'a review on YouTube. Although my skin is a lot better now, I still need to use a mask once a week to keep the blackheads and ewwww pimples from resurfacing! I love it it even though it smells very much like toothpaste and it's Jim Carrey The Mask green! But I reckon that the green color gives it a kind of retro feel, when you put it on;)

I also occasionally use the Deep Cleansing Pore Strips from Boiré. They clear the impurities on my nose and I really like them.

Sometimes, although not as much as I used to, I use the Ocean Salt from Lush for a thoroughly deep face scrub.

Now please leave a comment and tell me about your skin care! Do you have any products you can recommend?


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