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BeautyBlog57- Introducing Michele1218

Hey lovelies!

Here is another one of those: You-just-have-to-watch-this-girl's-YouTube-videos-rave. I thought I'd give you a crash course on my favorite beauty gurus: Michele1218.

(Sorry about the picture! Hard to find one where she is not putting on make up:)

I've been following Michele for a year and a half and I absolutely love her. I love her style, her make up tutorials, her hauls and her super-cute dogs Jake and Lucy. They often keep her company during her videos. Michele has both a make up channel and a vlog channel. The vlog channel is for xtra updates on her and boyfriend's house-hunting and her cruise-holiday. Fun to follow but I mainly watch her great make up channel. She does a lot of neutral eye looks in easy to follow tutorials and she is just sooooo sweet. I've commented on almost all of her videos and she answered every time!

But the very best way to get to know Michele is by giving you the opportunity to experience her yourself - so check out a sample of her best work:

Tutorials - what I love about her looks are that they are almost all versions of a neutral eye:

Neutral Eye Series: Urban Decay - Bronzy, Fresh and Glowing!

Neutral Eye Series: MAC Pinup Look!

Tutorial: Neutral Eyes with a Twist!

My Most Requested Tutorial! - Very easy and neutral look!

Sultry, Smokey Eyes using MAC Greasepaint Sticks!

MAC Warm & Cozy Tutorial!

Hauls - Michele1218 does some of the best haul-videos w mini reviews:

Las Vegas Haul!

Haul - A little bit of everything!

Collective Haul! Chanel, MAC, Sigma & Sephora

Collective Haul - MAC, Sephora, Ulta, NYX, Chanel

An overview of Benefit Make Up products:

Benefit Cosmetics!

An impressive make up collection:

My 200th Video & Most Requested (Make-up Collection & Storage)!!

Check out her Youtube Channel and Blog here:



Let me know what you think!


(Photo: img.youtube.com)

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  1. Thank you SO much for this! What a sweetheart you are, I feel so honored!! xox,