mandag den 8. november 2010


Hi lovelies!

Been M.I.A. for a month! So sorry! Back in beautyblogging-mode - I promise! I was very busy finishing my MA thesis and I did! So now I have time to get back into the beautyblog community.

Blog posts to come:

Products I've tried and loved during the fall of 2010!
Share the love - favorite YouTube gurus at the moment!

In this post I also wanted to mention that one of my absolute favorite beautybloggers Michele (Michele1218) decided to stop posting videos on YouTube...been missing her videos sooo much! She was the best at reviewing, hauling and doing usable tutorials! And I miss her cute dogs Jake and Lucy. For more info check out Michele1218 post - and you can still watch all her video on her not-yet discontinued YouTube channel here.

**** AND I wanted to announce my first every MsBeautyBlogger GIVE AWAY CONTEST! ****

YAY! In celebration of my completed MA thesis and your nice comments to several posts!

I don't have a lot of followers - yet - so this is also a contest to boost my follower count;) I have a feeling from comments I keep getting that a lot of you following my blog are not officially following it - so this is your chance to sign up!

Conditions of entry:

1) You must be subscribed to my blog.
2) If you're under 18 please ask parent/guardian's permission, since I'll need your address to ship you the prize!
3) Write a comment below (for this blogpost only) on the last major make up item you bought and why! By major I mean not just a back up product because you ran out of it but a product you deemed MUST HAVE and why!

The contest is open worldwide.

ONLY ONE entry per person - and please leave me contact info in the comment - email or blog so I can contact you.

The contest will end in a week on November 15th - winners will have three days to respond or I will redraw another winner.

There will be TWO contest winner - the best answer according to me and a random draw/ chosen by depending on the entries.

So I bet you're all curious about the prizes! (n.b. I paid for all the prizes included in this contest myself!)

PRIZE 1: WINNER CHOSEN BY ME - skin care products! (Value 20 dollars)

(Prizes will be announced ASAP)

PRIZE 2: WINNER CHOSEN BY RANDOMNESS - make up products! (Value 20 dollars)

Hope you'll all want to enter my first GIVE AWAY



8 kommentarer:

  1. Hey Mira!

    My latest favorite must have cosmetic was bought in Korea this summer. Its mascara called 'Henna Fix' by Etude House. I bought it on a whim when the sales associate told me a little about what it did. The henna and its applicator go hand in hand and make your lashes look fake (in a wonderful not tacky way). It pulls my average length lashes up and makes them look fuller. I also love it because its waterproof and stays on through a crazy school day!

    (btw, this Kristen from NIIED :) .)

  2. Hi Kristen;)
    Great entry! Remember you have to sign up to follow the blog in order to be eligible for the contest!
    Hope all is well in Chicago! Will go check out the H.F. by EH;)

  3. Hi Mira,
    Is it against the rules to participate if I know you? :-)
    My last make-up purchase was for my wedding. I bought a Smashbox Photo Finish primer to keep my skin looking flawless all day long and a lip liner and lipstick from the Double Wear line by Estée Lauder in a dark pink colour, slightly darker than my natural lip colour. I loved all three products - they made me feel beautiful all day (and night :-))

    Hugs Ditte

  4. Participating if you know me is perfectly fine! Any follower is welcome!! Hence the two prize system to ensure fairness!

  5. Hi Mira.
    My last makeup purchase was from Sleek. It was a sleek pout polish in pink cadillac (UK Drugstore version of MAC's Pink tinted lip conditioner :). I also bought eye lashes from Allura, Makeup brushes and lots more :)

    love, Amelia

  6. Nu er jeg signet up, venter spændt på at modtage en præmie:-D

  7. Does it count when my last buy was with you? :-)
    I bought a looot of eye shadows from NYX. I obviously had to buy them because they were so cheap, i needed them all sooo much - and maybe i got a little bit caught up in it :-)

  8. Det er ikke for sent - har tjekket...SKAL det være på engelsk...engelsklæreren er ikke glad for det. Gør det alligevel:
    My latest MUST HAVE item was a grey nailpolish from NYX. Saw Lise from Thise wearing it (maybe hers wasn't NYX, but it was grey) and decided that it was a great, screaming gap in my nailpolish collection that it was not in there. So I bought it. 20 kr. That's cheap.
    Before that: A 'blending' brush from MAC. Didn't know that I needed it before I let the lovely girl work on one of my eyes. Lovely results.

    Møs møs